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  1. Is it just me or after this maint ncscam lowered drop rates.? Im lvl 44 and im farming/xping every day in death pass since lvl 35-36 and i was geting at least 3 keys in maybe 3-5hs. Today, after maint iv been already in death pass for almost 4hs and got nothing. Not even 1 key. Im not saying im not geting mats, because i am, but i cant get not even a single key in 4hs... wtf. Just yesterday i got 3 keys for the crucifix of blood and 1 demons fang but today, i dont know whats going on. Is it just me who thinks that they lowered drop rates.? or just a bad day...
  2. Thx guys but should i get armor first just for PvE.? What about PvP, should i aim for armor too or jew for m def.
  3. So, im an elven oracle lvl 31, what gear should i aim to first. I cant get any drop so i have to buy but i dont know if i should buy jewelry, armor (i already have moon set) or 1h wep+shield. So any help would be really good cuz im new to l2 and im kinda lost to what to do now. Thx. P.S: Apologies for my english
  4. I have a problem with this, i had to make another pj in Aden server because in Talking it was really hard and annoying to log in. And i made another healer, so i need spiritshots and the quest is still bugged. But when i try to claim the 3k sipirits (with my pj in Aden sv) i cant because is a 1 time buy, are you for real.? First i had to make a new player and start over and now i cant even claim the spirits...Is there going to be a fix or another way to claim it that i dont know, pls let me know, thx. PD: sorry my english.
  5. Jelouu

    Lost sound

    Well last night i was playing and i lost sound of the game, i could hear discord and was hearing music too so is not my pc the problem. I thought that it was a "normal" bug that i just needed to relog, but i just logged this morning and im still with this problem. I go to the "sound/audio" option in game and cant even raise or lower the sound... i just cant click any option there (total sound, music vol, sfx vol, etc) So, can anyone pls help me with this. PD: im sorry for my english i did my best
  6. 10%..?? Last time i died i lost almos 13% I was lvl 22 with 0.10% i died and was lvl 21 with 88.something %
  7. Intente mandar un PM pero me dice q no podes recibir no se que onda xD. No se si aceptan nuevos integrantes o no pero bueno si hay espacio avisame, tengo pensado jugar como elder, ya estoy en nivel 19 por hacer el cambio de clase a Oracle. La verdad que no tengo experiencia con el juego, es mi primera vez pero ya he jugado otros mmo x años como wow, rift, gw2, demas y siempre he jugado como healer. Si hay espacio avisame y si no tambien porfa asi veo de buscar otro clan xD. Gracias y suerte.
  8. Que paso con el clan, lo han creado ya.? Me gustaria entrar, tengo 28 años y soy de Argentina.
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