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  1. adena is two times less than when there was no event!
  2. We still can not log in... Before, just freeze, now : client will be closed, continue?
  3. impossible to enter
  4. Why we cant take dye for 1m adena from NPC? bug? new restriction?
  5. Give our official revard for Imperial Tomb (tomb riders quest) 20trln exp, not 10 https://l2wiki.com/Tomb_Raiders
  6. latency compensation for 1 ncoin... shame
  7. +++ !!!! Half map absolutely useless!!! Make 105/107/109+ more zones, like ToI / Dwarven/Kamael Village / for example alternative for Tanor/Field of Silence/Forest of Mirrors I want my room in ToI !!! I miss ToI
  8. What means : Will be deleted after event ends ? No standart weapon exchange anymore? for 667 gems? (R-grade) Elder Black Weapon Exchange Grade Fee Restrictions Requiem/ Apocalypse Standard 1 Requiem/Apocalypse Weapon 115,102,500 Adena Event, Bound, or Supply Weapons cannot be exchanged Enchant level, Augments, and Soul Crystal SAs will trans
  9. Dear ! Make ppl happy! Keep some events permanent!!! for ex: libra/compas/fortune why create oviotage? people want to buy, buy, and buy more without flash sell... the game should bring pleasure, and not annoyance at the fact that did not have time to buy something /kiss
  10. Please let us know if you see experience the latency delay. 11:26-11:27 +3 UTC
  11. check rewards of The Letter Collect Event i got x1 Elcyum Powder from TOGETHER .... not Elcyum =) gimme my elcyum
  12. what up? 3:23 allready down.. when servers up? no info..
  13. also no Etina (solo) / ISS buffs dont work like toggle / NPC and character in Kartia 85 (solo) got flagged, when attack mirror...
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