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  1. I agree the amount of salt about the rates is too damn high. Can't ppl just use the sites like wiki or pmfun to get a general idea what to farm? Of course rates will be significantly lower, it was intended to cater to the HC.
  2. there is a dwarf on TI with +9 Tarbar. just sayin. Im assuming he did not do it on several weapons, just got lucky with 1.
  3. dude you made 3 topics in the last 10m just raging about the queue. chill.
  4. So you expected to P2W your way into the queue? the outrage would have been 100 times bigger if VIPs could enter while non wouldnt. That aside im also salty about it since I also paid VIP just to skip the queue. However I understand why they did it. Maybe it's a weekend only thing? Last days didnt had this issue
  5. Using main account to play that is years old, no problem. made new acc to 2box a spoiler, it got banned for suspicious behavior (seemed like a kick/crash). Couldnt access site either on the new, or my old account. Could still play on 1 account. So they had blocked me from accessing their site to prevent me from creating new accs, and had banned my 2nd account. You can contact support@lineage2.com to get back your access to their website, and ask either them or appeal@ncsoft.com to ask for your client to be unbanned. I spend 20+ days in ragequit until I decided to go at their pace (2days
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