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  1. Hi, perhaps I missed it, can someone point out where the SWS is getting nerfed? I didn't see anything like that in the link that Draecke posted. thanks
  2. NCLauncher 2

    Launcher issue and possible fix? The new launcher worked on 3 of my four systems, on the last system it couldn't find L2 for whatever reason (never prompted for a region on the credentials screen either). I reinstalled the launcher a couple times, overwriting what was there which got me nowhere. I eventually deleted the contents of the "C:\Program Files (x86)\NCSOFT\NC Launcher 2" folder and reinstalled it again, it went and performed an update and now works. I had L2 running in the background that last time, not sure if that made any difference or not, but didn't' have to reinstall the game at least. Hope this helps
  3. Simple, the newly upgraded botting system triggers the anti-botting system...
  4. I had, seems you can only cast it if you don't have the skill up already...seems dumb
  5. Another question, why do I get "Blessing of the Exalted can't be used due to unsuitable terms"?
  6. Does anyone know how to stop/break a macro (not looped) midway through? I have two skills in a macro but just want the first cast and not the 2nd, moving used to take care of this for me. Thanks
  7. Making dragon hatchling into a strider

    seems the ability to get new pets is gone as well
  8. Regarding the clans nerfs, will we be getting some sort of boost to leveling up new clans? Will the number of clans allowed in an alliance expand? Thanks
  9. Chronos Down

    lol, doubtful
  10. Can you push the Keucereus Defense Battle for Chronos to tomorrow then?
  11. EXP table 85-99 please

  12. Minimize Client

    Hit Alt+Enter once or twice, should fix it (toggles between full screen and windows mode). I play in windows mode (almost full screen) and sometimes that happens to me on porting or using escape scrolls.
  13. Main class change

    would like to see something like this or main<->dual class swap.