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  1. @Juji is anything in the pack permanent or does it all get deleted in Dec? Specifically looking to find out what happens to the brooch. Thanks
  2. I think this still applies: https://eu.4gameforum.com/threads/660107/
  3. looks based on the pre god class skills, in which only the se, warcryer and blade dancer had vr buffs, warcryer and blade dancer's were party buffs though.
  4. hi, true I can set the privileges, but I can't assign ranks to the members
  5. How do you assign rank 1-5 privileges to a clan member? I see it in the interface but it's "greyed out" for me. Does the clan need to be a specific level or something? Thanks
  6. She hasn't blocked any emails, she had been getting them up until the weekend, after which they just kinda stopped coming. Apparently she needs them every time she logs into the game or the web account.
  7. centurylink is their provider ty for looking into this.
  8. they're not using gmail sadly, but they checked all the folders they did have and no dice
  9. Anyone else having an issue getting the authorized location/security codes emailed to them? I've a clan member that's been waiting since Sunday for them. They sent an email to the support@lineage2.com address, but no response as of yet. @Juji, @Himeany suggestions? Thanks
  10. Thank you for using a font color that's easier to read than that dark red.
  11. even worse, you'll dc once you port into fantasy isle...
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