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  1. I agree there should be a short time before an auction goes live giving the seller a chance to fix any mistakes..
  2. The only thing that spoils anymore is something called crystal of soul. here's a link to the patch notes: https://www.lineage2.com/news/winter-of-war-update-patch-notes
  3. you still get mentee marks from mentees at 85, 99, 103, 105 that total somewhere near 100k marks. You just have to level a few more.
  4. that skill, and the other healer's equivalent (Limited Melee/Ranged Resistance) have always been single target.
  5. think it gives you 30 or 35 fire attack attribute at level 7
  6. Yes, but only within the class archetype. Example from Iss Hierophant to Iss Doomcryer. Dominator (orc) and Maestro (dwarf) have race restrictions as well. A chaos essence would be used to make the change.
  7. Are skills supposed to stay on when right-clicked now? I logged some toons out for maintenance, and when I logged back in, they start poping skills...
  8. Sadly, the skills have changed, you'll need either sword muse or spectral dancer now. Chant of Bison For 5 min., all party members’ P. Critical Rate/ Damage and P./ M. Skill Critical Rate/ Damage +15%. Additionally, P./ M. Atk. and P./ M. Def. +20%. Cannot be used with Prophecy of Might/ Victories of Pa’agrio. Song of Assault For 5 min., all party members’ P./ M. Atk. and P./ M. Def. +15%. Additionally, P./ M. Atk. and P./ M. Def. +20%. Cannot be used with Crippling Dance. Crippling Dance F
  9. Well, last time they changed the crafting system, it cost adena to convert the base mats (cokes, leather, etc) and it wasn't a 1:1 exchange. I haven't seen what's changing, just assuming it's all going to be corroded on the 15th.
  10. you forgot the wild magic skill enchant option...
  11. yeah, main lost 1 level, box iss and healer lost 2 levels each...
  12. The master account I think you're referring to is gone, each client has it's own account now.
  13. It's just the p.crit +54 that's for blunt users, the rest applies to other weapons.
  14. Hi, perhaps I missed it, can someone point out where the SWS is getting nerfed? I didn't see anything like that in the link that Draecke posted. thanks
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