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  1. Chronos Down

    lol, doubtful
  2. Can you push the Keucereus Defense Battle for Chronos to tomorrow then?
  3. EXP table 85-99 please

  4. Minimize Client

    Hit Alt+Enter once or twice, should fix it (toggles between full screen and windows mode). I play in windows mode (almost full screen) and sometimes that happens to me on porting or using escape scrolls.
  5. Main class change

    would like to see something like this or main<->dual class swap.
  6. Extend EXP Boost Event please

    Yes, I agree, extend the event
  7. corroded gems and armor

    You can buy the mats from Kiki (second option) in Giran. It will cost about 500k adena total. As for the Ant Queen, it's a farmed raid boss.
  8. Queen ant

    The quest is to kill a so-called "world boss," that spawns once or maybe twice a week (I forget). You might have an hour or so after it spawns to try and get enough people together to kill it before whoever is camping it does so.
  9. helios and etina keep hiting on animation

    This can also happen at outer messiah citadel during the cutscenes
  10. Etina's Fate Known Issues - October 2, 2018

    Is there an update on this: New server broadcast messages for High-grade enchanting are very annoying. Not a Bug - While this may technically be functioning as intended, a request has been submitted to have these notifications removed. Also, can you kill off the clan shop purchases too? Thanks
  11. Old Forums Being Removed

    This is awesome, thanks!
  12. yeah, shadai can craft one: La Vie En Rose's Radiant Brooch La Vie En Rose's Brilliant Brooch — 1 pcs. Radiant Gemstone Fragment — 1 pcs. Shiny Gemstone Fragment — 20 pcs.