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  1. Hime my faction lvl shows ''benefit for current level' - learn skill to mount hell hound' but the npc of HB doesn't show the trial before the battle quest. Did you remove it?
  2. Letter event

  3. disconects after maintenance

    Yeah, yesterday I have had the same problem.

    Now it works for me.
  5. After maintenance, I have a lot of lag and dc more than usual...
  6. The same problem, impossible to log my char... https://i.postimg.cc/tR8RGZsv/Image2.jpg
  7. The % given by items (jewels, armors, weapons, skills, buffs and so on) is wrong, Fix it please.
  8. When the next event...?
  9. Top-grade Resistance Earring

    Once I had many top-grade resistance earrings: "stun", "paralyze", "knock back- knock down", and so on. Now, they don't give those skills and they all changed into: "top-grade resistance earring confusion". What is that? Is it a bug? or your Fafurion update? Thanks for your time and answer.
  10. Noble Ports

    Agree with you, I would like to have them again. Portals were very cheap....
  11. Iss

    In fact I was replying to m0da, just to say that one class was created for pvp (Dominator). I have both them.
  12. Iss

    Dominator has 2 different buffs: one for party and a special one for clan (he doesn't need to be in party, if he wants to buff his clan mates). Also, he has an active skill that removes invincibility from the target and nearby enemies during pvp (curse of mortalize skill). He's more a pvp class. Doomcryer can buff only the party but he can help players by an active skill that gives more m.atk and p.atk + 15% (chant of bison skill). Also, he can hit the enemy at long stance by using freezing flame. He's more a pve class.
  13. Shield or Sigil for ISS?

    Dunno, maybe they have a wizard/healer as dual, here why the sigil....
  14. ISS Dominator - Drumbeat Macro while Dominant Flag

    Same problem. After War Drum buff, the macro stops.