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  1. Connectivity Issues Update - 1/16

    I kept trying to log in until now, same stuff: "Client will now be closed" or w/e keeps popping up, tried both my accounts, did a file repair, nothing. Oh well... No farmin'/daily Qs/missions for me then.
  2. Yeah, mostly being bots, farming adena.
  3. I like when NCSoft gives us timeframes for maintenances. They are always respecting them! Word!
  4. Sure, increase the time needed to get the attendance check, make the queues real again. Good thinking, Sherlock!
  5. All I have to say is that if adena/spoil rates are not really fixed everywhere, not just on some select farming areas, this server is going to sink pretty quick. And in the meantime, adena sellers will get rich as well! (There's so many new ones popping up everyday, it's insane!) That's my take on all this jazz. I'm just going to play until I cannot anymore. If it'll become an unplayable game, I'll just quit. Simple. Toodles!
  6. Adena adds

    Uhm... So how will people under 15 or 20 chat then?
  7. There shouldn't be so many occuring problems in the 1st place! You don't open an official server without checking and testing through. Unless you want to. In order to look as if you're addressing the player's needs.
  8. CPs don't need to teleport around so much, and they cover each other's expenses. You cannot compare hard-grinding AoE CP with a solo player.

    On L2DEX they enforced this by muting people (with increasing intervals for players that continued using ! instead of +) that used ! chat for trade shouts. That worked.
  10. kill the dualbox!!!

  11. Giran Queue

    Got disconnected and I'm in a queue of 300 people again. Oh, fun!
  12. Giran Queue

    I manged to log-in and what do I see? People farming around with 2 boxes following them. Real cool NCsoft, real cool.
  13. Current Issue: Long Server Queue Times

    Unnaceptable long queues. VIP 4 with 6.7k points, 300+ queue. I'm not spending a dime anymore until stuff gets fixed. PS: On top of that I get so many disconnects that it puts me off trying to log-in altogether. Sheesh...
  14. Broken textures that need fixing

    Screenshots: https://ibb.co/bEXjeU & https://ibb.co/dxEmtp PS: Probably should have posted this in the Report a bug section, but I didn't see it beforehand.