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  1. I farm about 1-2 boxes per hour and have opened all I farmed and best I got was some low r110 gear, like a shield and sigil. Been grinding them since event starts basically 24/7 but single target. Rate on anything is bad.
  2. Here was mine, thought it was good My Screenshot Submission I dont think people are unhappy about not winning. The contest was a screenshot in an xp area featuring your character. Some of the winners are pure adena art pics, others are scenery shots with no mobs, those doesn't meet the contest criteria. We have had adena art contests before. This one was different. If I submitted my pic in an adena art contest and won, that would be wrong. I get its all in good fun, but some of the winners don't make sense based off the contest rules. It is what it is. Gz to the winners.
  3. Shilen sa test

    made lvl 5 from 1 box also, just went straight boom boom boom. paused at 4 for a few days, then clicked 5
  4. theyre being announced today. how did you not see the other thread thats directly under yours? Hime also responded in it. https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/18323-screen-shot-contest-winner-announcement/
  5. yea, this 16th event is pretty much a waste of time. im glad the hunting areas are getting fixed, but the event is almost over. i also dont know a single person who got more than a low piece of r110 armor from boxes.
  6. Was Breka Orc fixed with this update? I posted it was also not dropping these chests as the event page states they should on a forum post last week.
  7. When will the winners to the screenshot contest be selected? I want to see all the awesome screenshots!
  8. Screen Shot Contest Winner Announcement

    @Juji @Hime anything m8s?
  9. Screen Shot Contest Winner Announcement

    I specifically didn't bump this thinking they would post them sometime yesterday. @Juji @Hime when do we get the screenshot winner list?
  10. Leftover 16th anniversary coins

    Yea I have 2k+, and I know ppl with way more. Kind of a silly event.
  11. Appearance stone

    Any update?
  12. Need Detailed Pvp setup for dagger

    I'm my own testing, I don't see it being useful like it used to be. If the intent is instant skill refresh or 2x length on skills is the goal, I don't see it happening enough to contribute 2 AP to it when you can get more damage output in other skills.
  13. Need Detailed Pvp setup for dagger

    At the OP As far as single hand vs dual daggers, the dmg output of duals is more in every instance. However, the actual skill animation of single vs dual, the single is played faster which imo is better for pvp. Equipping a shield is common practice to increase survivability vs some classes. The loss in evasion is negligible considerong other skills like shadow evasion on gh and the wind rider skill. Edit: also, the skill mastery benefit of single dagger is pretty meh. On a full str build (155+) and single dagger and 2 ap pts into skill mastery its nothing like it used to be 2 years ago where almost every other skill was insta refresh and it was +1000%. Now it's 2x I believe. Edit 2: lethal strike is identical between dual and single hand. This was proven by juji in a test and pretty sure others (4gane etc). Single used to lethal better, now they're the same. Passive skill even confirms that in how it reads. Edit final: pvp only is the focus, I would use single hand with shield. I would unequip the shield for matches I didn't need it for. 3rd Sa should be Sigel or a shilen stage 5+. For pvp and pve, go duals with Sigel or tyr 3rd sa depending on preference. For pve go duals with tyr 3rd sa. Shilen 4+ for crit dmg is better than tyr imo but the cost doesnt justify the benefit. 1st/2nd sa should be kain x2. Death and fire.
  14. Need Detailed Pvp setup for dagger

    you have a very open ended question. read this guide: https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/15579-othell-guide-for-starter-85-106/ then, come back and ask any additional questions you might have
  15. Maphr’s Box of Splendor test 100

    3/4 of the loot table is crazy good items. But they all 0.001% chance to get. They should be required to list chances like in Korea. Marketing at its finest.
  16. Maphr’s Box of Splendor test 100

    I opened 150 and got basically crap.
  17. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, May 13, 2020

    Definitely C
  18. Appearance stone

  19. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, May 13, 2020

    You gonna implement classic's pk system here?
  20. hey @Juji are the 16th boxes dropping correctly in Breka Orcs? Or are they bugged like the other 3 locations? Been here for 4 hours and not a single drop. I was getting 2/hour in Isle of Prayer so something seems off. Kill speed is basically the same both spots. Didn't see it in the known bugs and its still listed on event page. Thanks.
  21. 16th Anniversary Box @ Breka Orc

    there is no use for the coins based on how many you get. kind of weird to be honest.
  22. 16th Anniversary Box @ Breka Orc

    dont know why i cant edit my post, but i can confirm aden treasure chests are dropping in breka orcs, not 16th anniversary chests. i guess u dont want ppl 110+ doing this event, all those places left out
  23. Appearance stone

    @Juji what was the bug that existed with the appearance scrolls? like, what would happen now if we used one? Can we know any more details about them or the status of getting these back? r110 daggers are fugly...
  24. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, May 6, 2020

    Man, that's a hot maintenance! Can we get like artifacts or something on next event? We got this cool npc that sells them and stuff now...