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  1. Fix your Server

    WOW You macro software is very fast!!!!!!!!
  2. re roll to archer problem fixed.
  3. Reroll to archer problem fixed.....
  4. Demon Swords is for 1-2 same ppl no for all.............
  5. Homunculus: Water Juju

    last hit. ArctodusSimus healer work is to heal no hit.......
  6. Homunculus: Water Juju

    finaly healer useless.... reroll to archer....
  7. Homunculus: Water Juju

  8. Vitality Runes

    Please add to store Vitality Runes Thanks
  9. Launcher Problems

    restart your router mate...
  10. Homunculus Juju on Healers no working. Healer work is heal no hit so no work. Another nerf to Healers.
  11. DC Fest

  12. DC Fest

    big freeze and have 5 dc no all client 1/3
  13. I play as healer for the past 15 years and I will agree with you that I haven't seen any improvement to this class either. It would be easier if I made a new character e.g. an archer or a mage that wouldn't require me to press so many buttons and enjoy more the experience as it would be easier to gain xp or join pt.
  14. Why don't you delete healers too since they are no longer needed.