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  1. Por que?

    nadie te dijo que lo borraras , pero decis que llevas 4 horas, facil creas otro char mientras el otro esta saturado , si no no movas el culo y quejate en un forum, facil loco suerte

    last night naia had 500 on, chronos 1000 on, talking 6 thousand, giran 3 thousand, i guess is fair that they are launching 3 servers they have to talk about them now, a least for a couple days
  3. Por que?

    lo que no puede ser es que no leas el forum, abrieron un nuevo server en horario latino , se llama aden , y no tiene cola para entrar intenta crear un char ahi , podes tener char en ambos y revisar que te queda mejor
  4. L2 Store ruined the game.

    man i been reading this guys fighting about runas and tittles, but what is worrisome is the brooch slot in the inventory, looking me with those dark eyes, the bracelet for agation, the bonus of sets + 10 on the patch notes, you guys are fighting for peanuts, yeah i suport this vip blah sistem if this is the end of the line, is nothing and is fair to cover expenses, but those slots in inventory you guys from normal l2 know what it means, and i dont know if i want to have that experience again, i love l2 , i play all around another games, and nothing is like it, but i will not spend in jewells , cloaks agation, belts , and all those slots are there for something, listen if you are not ready to end up paying thousands in the end, dont play further
  5. Remove looping macro

    I'm getting sick reading all the Russians talking about skelt, and trying to clear the path for bot trains w/o macros , I only care for my iss assist me for rebuff , when I'm alone , I don't do 24 hrs farming even with macros loop, that's not real on a adult life, and this is a clear picture that RMT is coming hard , if juji take out macros , but not enforce gm action baning bots, or something , then maybe is better not spend in this project, they can't do nothing against Euro rmt, last year after they ban the ips, we have the serious ddos, now this @Juji serious man? I don't know for me look like clearing path for rmt, they even don't use macros because is inefective, macros dont resu, dont return to spot, jeesus, is hard to diference bots from macros? C'mon
  6. Dimensional siege is dead

    Lol i hate this snoob pricks ,people dont lose because they have lower gear, all you need is experience in pvp what you guys want is not be standing there for hours without dead meat targets, honestly from all the rest of the clans , you guys can eat all those dim castles you can be in your castle , your buddys dh have a castle too, but no, you guys want to have partys guarding each one of the castles , take everything, burn of boredom the rest of the people, then you guys can have a server to play by yourself
  7. AF Instance Bug

    yeah the guy was not thinking that he want to make perfect positioning for your personal pleasure and glory ,member of the judgment comitive , i guess no gold for the rush olimpics, ill pm him to delete the bug video until he make no mistakes , ty and sorry for make you see that now you now what to do yourself
  8. 2h blunt - cane - sos - new update

    Conguero 77 Posted April 18 Dear players, We hope to help bring you many more fun and fruitful adventures across Aden this year. While we haven’t locked in all of our plans for 2018 with the development team yet, there are some noteworthy things we have in store that we’d like to share with you today. Additional events, promotions, and scheduling details will be provided as we get closer to their respective releases. On the game content front, we’re aiming for a midsummer release of Salvation: Final Episode. In addition to ushering in the ultimate showdown with antagonist Etis van Etina, this update will provide a new daily instance in which adventurers will be called upon to do battle with Helios, and a new solo Hunting Zone in the Atelia Refinery. The Final Episode will also feature updated Raid Boss encounters for Orfen, Freya (Epic), Frintezza (Epic), and Spezion (Epic). This conclusive saga to the Act of Salvation will be defined by Aden’s bravest heroes! mid summer is close, i guess is October November
  9. 2h blunt - cane - sos - new update

    sos work or dont work, definitely 2h magic blunt will be changed to the category "cane" wich is not a blunt, most of the people is trying to find a whole in the debuff working on awaken char, but even then you will have to use tauti, enhance tauti, definitely no retributer and in the end is not the same than a bloody weapond
  10. AF Instance Bug

    you cant because those little protuberance on the floor , you can only if you are standing on the walls or on a straight line on the center, bai lel
  11. Looking for some Help

    your reaction sux , and you want help next time say thank you but this and that , got it? this guy was helping you in his way
  12. phoenix knight or evas templar for pve?

    i was a shillen templar and its true what you are saying about crowd control, the pull of the shillen is wider than the evas the chains are more effective and the paralisis complete the pull , without it feel that you are missing something as tank but remeber the guy @annisoropos is making a question about defensive tanks, means he's new in the subject , shillen is the advance tank, you need a good gear better than the other tanks the aura give attack better for high gear partys that need the pull more than the resistence , meanwhile evas templar is the economic tank , the solid tank that do altar with a +4 set the one that reach 900 def all the elements the one that give +100 extra def element to all the pt plus more def , if you are looking to make a legendary tanking to almost afk elven, to not die ,this is it forget about the Phoenix now both elfs are the best tanks , evas is cheaper and super solid and you help with element def the pt , shillen have better pulls is cooler , you have better skills , super efective paralisis, but is weaker and you pt dont get elementak def , they get attack and some def
  13. Comparison between Tauti 2h vs +12 Blessed Apo Retri

    the guy is asking for a apo or a tauti and you are talking about jewells lvl 6 (surreal) now the guy will think thats the rule and is not, and desmotivate people,seriously dude.. regular pve joe need ruby 3 opal 3 red cat 3 pearl and diamond 3 , if you have the money you can try jewells lvl 4 later, yeah tauti works until 101 and i see people (tyr titan) doing fast shinedust , get the special pve attack belt, abun 1 , longi , after that there is another level of inversion that make you able to soloing, but not as maestro
  14. khavatari vrs titan 103 all bloody, what is better?

    thank you , thanks to the bulling was hard to get a repply to my forum , with this topic and reading skill by skill at the beginning look like titan will hit extra 20% p attack activated ( every 10 min)than khava but, the difference between furious fist and furious slasher is that furious fist have bonus 10% critical damage , 5 min reuse and chance 10% decrease fist resist 30% i can say without risking that khava will predomine burst damage without sos, sacrificing aoe thank you for the responses
  15. looking ahead red libra, and i would like to know the opinion of good titan or khavataris about dps and burst damage , considering that there will be no sos , please dont say evis, archer, im talking about a existing char with a bloody weapond +12 3 sa tyr aug 15% critical damage, a elmore cloack +10 4% pve damage, and the noble tiara +5 , so there are limited options : iss bd, khava , titan i guess
  16. khavatari vrs titan 103 all bloody, what is better?

    let me re ask again , i was reading the old forum even and people always start like but sos , the sos i have no sos and no posibility to have one, i do have self pom i will change in red libra to tyr , i have this especific gear and i will like to know what can do a better over all dps and burst dps titan or khavatari 103 , looking up to soloing maybe gc lower and small party af light set +8 ( i cant aford the +10, atm im wearing +10 heavy coz the main, but i can aford to buy a +8 bloody i hope opal + 4 ruby + 4 , seven signs, abun 1 , venir 14, longing , gc talis +10 ,str +15 dyes, anakim holy barrier ( 650 elemental attack with paagrio) bloody + 12 3 sa tyr 15% crit damage aug giant aug crit dam 15% 5 min cloack elmore +10 aug 4% pve dam rare acc pack +5 noble circlet autority atm im iss spectral dancer able to do k99 solo , but i feel that im wasting gear and maybe i can do better as tyr opinion?
  17. Tyrr Duelist Setup - Help

    raw reality but is true, i try to talk to clannies subjets like this, they choose expensive classes with zero budget , then they hit the wall at 101 , sometimes someone say something like hey dont be like that let him play the class that he like , let him be dagger for example, is like in life you choose to be a philosopher, that for rich people brah
  18. Best iss main at 103, heavy armor, able to farm

    im sorry i dnt update my post , first of all i stay bd and was the best decision, after that i try hiero again, to realize that for example in shinedust quest hiero hit 40% less to the mobs , i cant get used to it anymore , i dont have a dd so i was looking to be able to make my quest and factions , i was used to the idea of the easy hiero, one toogle, 2 buttons of debuff and thats it! nothing more , and in bd now im used to the rush then debuff, and that active the aoe debuff, bd aoe debuff land i guess 100% dont matter how many mobs you have so is fine, i was just lazy i have to mention that i have another iss to give me pom , from the times when i was a dual titan , im main tank so im a heavy armor iss (bloody) and if i get in a difficult area i use the 1h 3p sword and shield to supporting , + 5 str ,dual bloody +12 3 sa tyr, elmore cloak +10 jewells +3 and the regular talis , my box iss is a hiero +4 hp hp weapond +4 r99 set, boxing the iss i can do solo k99 in 10 min now , and kill the shinedust in 3 hits , im trying to get a little more elemental attack to try solo lower , is not easy and more to a iss yes a iss able to farm is possible, bd is the best class for it , but dont work on box , no it will not do the same damage of a titan , but you are a dd that heal yourself, ress, have pr and find easy party, people dont have the concept of a active damage iss because most of the iss have +4 weapond, go look how a dd with that weapond do my post is to incentive more people to play support, and for those tanks that dont wanna spend in a second armor
  19. hi! im a iss 102 hiero atm on my way to 103, ima hibrid iss, my main is tank so i have the con set up hp hp 1h shield, but also i have a diferent set up bloody dual +12 str hat ruby red cat eye etc so i can stack +500 element damage and i do easy phantasmal, gc upper faccion, at 103 i want to improve my damage set up , i never try BD and im guessing if that will be the best move , or just stay as hiero for the pom , someone try the damage difference in 103 hiero self pom, or bd warrior lvl 2, soloing?

    go home sasy you are drunk
  21. Scammer

    sound like those lottery ticket scam on the train station, i read bs of people complaining about drop scam etc, but this is real scam like the one you see on the streets
  22. Giant's Energy from L2 Store

    yes it is, remember you have to pay it in hero coints , no in nc coints
  23. [Salvation] Abilities for ISS and SA (Weapon)?

    use hp hp from 85 to 99 and knight ap hp defense and this:Dominator gets Excellent Shield + Sword, although it uses dual Blunt / sword as well as the Doomcryer. The Doomcryer is inclined to use Dual blunt / sword! The advantage of Dua is to have two 'S.A' in it, while shield releases only one S.A. is not like that, all the weaponds have 2 sa , duals or 1h , 1h is slower and less damage , but you have equipped a shield, it give armor p def so you will handle more damage, duals hit faster, and have more damage , but at the beginning no one will ask you to make damage , it is your main? for a main iss you will need a friend to play to make the damage, if is a box you know already that you will do the farming etc , whatever if you like dominator at the fist 85 iss class , i will do doomcryer fist and change to domi later , but is chef choice
  24. Best iss 101+ after salvation

    i have changed my dual to iss Hiero atm , everything ok , it have a toogle to make the debuffs , mass debuffs , but i want to make the right selection before red libra ends, please share your experiences with each one , inclued supose inproved damage, i know atm BD have great debuffs , and hiero if you dont use the second POM you can insta reuse the skill at 5 min when second buff run out, i dont know about doom and singer yet, please share your opinions

    man you still pushing this, you dont have clear that pk is a game mechanic, i feel that you are trying to sabotage your clan more that helping, if he's pk kill him, game.mechanics say he will drop expensive gear , you can get your friends to help you but here , this post have no sense