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  1. How do I transfer my VIP 3 from Talking Island to Gludio?
  2. And no solution for the bots that are on all servers? You need a really effective anti-bot system and an active GM to ban adena sellers.
  3. 3 steps to free slots on servers: 1) Have a really effective anti-bot system; 2) Have a GM to ban all Adena sellers from towns; 3) The fishing had to be manual and not automatic.
  4. So... I think the staff team dont work on weekends... Nice...
  5. Today I met Elven Wizards with Pets using Bot and killing mobs to farm adena. The report button is a joke, you can only report bots 7 times per account and need to wait 30 minutes apart for each report. There are no GMs active in game to ban these Bots and clearly the anti-bot system is not working... The only solution I found was to open a ticket and report them, however, I know it will be very time consuming to respond and while I'm harmed because I have to dispute mobs with these Bots... I am really disappointed and frustrated, before the problem with client closing in queue I did not see a
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