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  1. Exp event during server migration and possible compensation ? Nc team decides to put an exp event on the same time they plan a server migration and ending up having way worst lag , more disconnects , server latency , melee lag and server restarts one after the other having as a result us not being able to exp properly and we got as compensation for a problem that was not solve, 100% party hunting bonus , an additional week of server boosts and double adena buff on IoS. With today's maintenance the Party Hunting Boost will return to +50% without even knowing if today's upgrade on game s
  2. But are we talking about archers in pvp here or in pve? Yes in pve a geared archer can do better than any other class but don't forget the huge amount of very expensive items that this class requires in order to pull that damage mid gear archers can't do any better than any other aoe class In pvp from the other hand does it matter if a feoh deals 200k damage and an archer 10mil since you are dying 1 shot? I think no, the results are the same.
  3. Great, go nerf IOS and give us an other reason to quit game
  4. @Hime - @Juji From update to update everything we get is crap, every single move from Ncwest is to fill your pockets even more, you guys cut all profitable resources like PP, literally no more adena there. Then stronghold it's not enough that you guys reduce the adena on last update, on this you also reduce the total time we can stay on this update and god knows what we will be able to farm tomorrow when it will go back to "normal" and in order to farm some "proper" adena we have to pay for prestige, reducing exp on areas and "adjusting-nerfing" over-hit where a solo player without having a
  5. It's not abuse it's taking control over an area/spot. This game has always been like this, stronger players and stronger clans will take control over spots bosses and anything that has good rewards/exp. The "I was here first" or "it was my spot" unless we are talking for clan mates it doesn't exist. The reality is if you are strong enough keep the spot or take it back.
  6. @Juji @Hime Last week your wrote about server transfers in a few months, could you provide some more info or be a little more specific? I'm sure a lot of people's including me are waiting for it for a long time.
  7. http://prntscr.com/s3l395 @Sharkman is right
  8. I'll agree with @Massacre since some classes have no use in most party's and in my case Othell, it would be great if we had the chance to change our main classes.
  9. wtt radiant foresight +5 for radiant authority +5 pm here or pm/mail me ingame "IntoFlameX
  10. First time I see a game with no patch notes or a review when they do changes/updates, keeping us in dark at all times with just a post every week that says "database maintenance, migration, and application restarts will be performed." like, Ok.... 9hours? if we remove the 3 lines about ncoin/attendance and fishing event we only have a line that says "Resolved an issue with Prestige Pack subscriptions." So unless you guys are up to some really big changes or you are updating to Fafurion and you keeping it a surprise. I don't see why a "database maintenance, migration, and application restar
  11. It's OK! They can't use third-party programs, cause they stuck in queue and the "Client will close".
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