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  1. Dualbox/Multiple accounts

    you say that and maybe be true but where do you see that exactly is there a post?Something written from the administration?
  2. Dualbox/Multiple accounts

    Yes you can but is it consider botting or not is it banable or not cause if you wanna play buffer main you can't cause everyone has there buffer
  3. Dualbox/Multiple accounts

    Every single player i asked say that 3 clients are allowed per pc or ip.I haven't found any topics from a community manager or a GM or someone with some authority that clarifies that i may be stupid and i asked sorry in advance for people losing time if possible give me a link from an employee or a post or something or even better an answer from a community member or manager or something will be the best and if it is not allowed clarify it people think is allowed.Should we report the as bots?