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  1. client closes on character creation

    Just came here to register that me and a friend are leaving this server. It's disrispectful that one week after the launching, we have no answer or position from the support team, hundreds of players made of a fool been hours trying to connect to a buggy game. GL with all this neglect ps: no, the problem is not with "full servers", aden and giran are givin the same shit
  2. Wrong XP loss by death

    i'm losing 10% too
  3. Racist offense

    This guy tried to kill me, so I killed him, and he sent me PM with racist offenses, calling brazillian "monkeys"
  4. I started playing yeasterday and had a problem to create the character In the character selection screen, just after the screen is loaded, appears a windows saying "the game client will be closed", so i click 'cancel' and no other button works anymore I click in start or create character and nothing happens after reopenning the game some times i could create my character and play for a couple hours, but now i have passed through the queue 6 times and was not able to log in my character yet, always the same bug