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  1. Nicks: Shurrips, Mewokss, Georoaf https://youtu.be/M7zjI8cazN0
  2. The game was made to be played, if you do not have time to play the problem is yours. Lack of time is no argument.
  3. Some people have a supporting character as their main character, and anyone who wants to play with more than 1 screen would need to pay for it. Simple like that
  4. You can do this with the same character.
  5. Just open a server with 1 box permission for real players, and leave those other servers for the bots and players that cannot play with 1 character, and we will all be happy.
  6. Still trying to understand what people's fetish in letting 1 character logged in all day to sell something instead of AH
  7. Nobody is complaining about having multibox, I just think anyone who wants to have to pay for it, and not be free, as it was from the beginning. The question of time is no argument, if you do not have time do not play, if you want to play, play like everyone else or pay to play alone.
  8. This type of player does not want to share their earning with anyone, and they prefer it that way.
  9. The solution you are saying is just for your own benefit, because you do not want to interact with other players, increase server capacity is not solution, any idiot would know this, if the queue has 2k + and the server offers more 1k, only with 300 players (3 box) will occupy 900, and the queue will continue with 1.3k + The solution is 1 pc per acc, nobody wants to play with Main Warcryer (or any other type of buffer), beacuase everyone has it, and he will never be called into a group. Your thought is unique and exclusive to your own benefit and not to server improvement and player fun.
  10. The real classic...

    this is C1 not Classic... Classic is a new version of old times with improvement, you cannot compare them because they are different versions.
  11. 150 per hour

    very good
  12. 150 per hour

    The fishing was not offline and yet they did, if you do not understand a simple thought for server improvement, what are you doing here? go to play.
  13. 150 per hour

    What does AH have to do with private server? I'm not to blame if you have some kind of mental disability and can not figure out ways to improve the server.
  14. Abolish Multibox

    multibox its only for idiots