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  1. No tears. Just a good reminder of why MMO's were failing 14 years ago, and to let the past die. I should be working on my 400 Steam game library anyway By the way, this still isn't even close to L2 classic. I played the original from beta, and this is very different. It was fun to play again for a month, but really it just helps me appreciate how much we have learned since L2 was created. Nothing against Hime and the NCwest team, I know they don't have any devs on the team, and have to deal with Korea's devs...meaning they don't have much to work with (Korea was never that interested in the W
  2. I literally see the same person sitting by a gatekeeper for weeks, that has a store with a website to buy adena. So...forgive me if I don't believe you ban bots In the next few months, 90% of the server population will just be bots, as real players are dropping off.
  3. No one counts on weapons being full drops. That is super rare, always has been. We build our weapons, join a clan. This game is not designed for solo play at all, unless you buy off bots. Clans can get stuff built pretty quickly, it's this whole idea that it's an "MMO" where you play with other people, and work together.
  4. If you are 50+ and still in low D, you may need to re-evaluate how you play.
  5. I have a small clan, we just work together. Party up and go to places that spoil/drop what you need to create items. Build sabers, sell sabers and get next up, continue. It's slow, but old Lineage was slow. I like people that just try to hit end game fast as they can, bypassing the actual game...means people move out of my farming spots, and high level gear will saturate the market by the time I get there
  6. You don't keep busy the people, you say?
  7. There are no answers on the VIP status, because VIP is doing what it is supposed to. There are a ton of these pointless threads /hijack
  8. Karma isn't the issue, it's the PK count, which doesn't go down without the Sineater quest. It's your PK count that makes you drop items. Washing red is easy, washing PK count sucks.
  9. Nope, at least I don't think so - I started in Hindemith in Prelude, and then...servers merged, and I can't remember the merged server names. In L2 I mostly played as Triel, Nefrai was a one-off at the time.
  10. Hinde, best server. Triel was main. Blade Dancer. She was around 8 years old when I finally deleted her entirely to make myself never log into L2 again. And...then my friends talked me into L2 classic, because they hate me.
  11. I don't know. I don't want to say, it depends on what you know this name from, lol! I've used this name for over ten years on almost everything. This is actually the shortened version, I didn't use the full name in the forum.
  12. I mean. We have just as bad of a queue in VIP. Don't bother with VIP >.>
  13. Pretty simple: VIP bypasses the queue, as in VIP players always get in before free players. that hasn't changed (my queue was 150 today, instead of the 2,000 a free account would be in line for). Now there are just so many people with VIP, that we are queued behind other VIP players. I see no reason to hate on free or VIP players, it's not the players fault that NCsoft can't handle all the people...it's NCsoft that needs to fix things. Getting mad at other players is stupid and pointless.
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