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  1. Sure, there are no "normal" rates, but they HAVE TO MAKE SENSE. You can't have 1x mobs dropping 100 adena and 3x mobs dropping the same amount. Spoil is much worse, it make the class completely useless.
  2. PK is punished because PKs are the griefers. https://youtu.be/lbOtyWTRZ_g?t=11
  3. Hey dude, If they fix rates, like they should, it won't affect you at all. You'll still play the way you like it, so stop posting just to cry about others crying.
  4. It was nerfed because of exploit, not queues. And you can't even spell queue correctly, go cry elsewhere.
  5. That doesn't make any sense. Why would you gain access to C grade items if you can't afford them? If you have enough money and create an alt, do you equip it with no grade at level 25? or Top D at level 50? No, so it's not "meant" to be the way you're saying.
  6. The servers could be on fire and they wouldn't move a finger, since they don't work on weekends.
  7. Here is an interesting idea. Teach others, write a guide, share your knowledge. You'll have competition in no time.
  8. It's idiotic to break your game for profit.
  9. lol, this is ridiculous. New servers just means new bots and boxes and just a small % of active players. You don't need 9 accounts logged to progress in this game.
  10. Do you hear that? It's the bell. It tolls for thee.
  11. You seemed like an intelligent person until that part.
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