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  1. I need your advice

    the discrimination is real tis the reason why I made myself a feoh
  2. I need your advice

    wynn as u say is economical; easy to use in macro too esp in easy areas like hellbound and gc (captives area)
  3. LF Tips on Feoh

    100 ele: I wanted to put that to macro but will lose more skills re k99, properly stacked feoh can do it in < 3 mins. could be less
  4. dimensional server

    aside during dim raid/siege.. when does dim server is open?
  5. More Boxes

    at least increase the allowed box per PC to 5!
  6. Mentee Marks For Exalt Quest

  7. Tyrr GK AFK macro share

    generally for tyrrs all u need to do is: 1. next target (settings set to target mob only ofc) 2. armor destruction 3. some delay depending on your dmg 4. optional: self buffs
  8. Mentee Marks For Exalt Quest

    I need 45k mentee marks who's willing to make new chars and be my mentee in exchange for adena? post your name here and ill find u in game
  9. +16 pvp bow

  10. +16 pvp bow

    wtb +16 pvp bow mail me here with ur price
  11. bug in my char?

    new instances are just too hard
  12. Live to Classic

    is there a way to switch from live server to classic or vice versa w/o closing the current client?
  13. Cant log into NC Account Management

    tried this many times and I was told it was a 'security feature'
  14. Automacro PK seguro /automatic macro safe pk

    I dont think this is allowed

    Ruby opal ofc..