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  1. Party Combination

    iss heal wynn
  2. there are 86 player in the queue

    if its 2006 this may be possible. but hello????? 2020 already, game lost many players. you yourself wouldnt want to wait hours to make a fkin party for something
  3. there are 86 player in the queue

    Sorry GMs but i dont think this queue is real...
  4. Rune Stones

    i used to farm (ineffectively) rune stones/BEWRs/BEARs/Craft packs in Balok... over (loooong) time, i had more than enough for my skills and sold the rune stones overpriced ofc this was when instances are alive. u can still get ppl to join instance raids. now all ppl do is macro xp also ppl outgrew the instances. most ppl are 105+ and dont get drops here anymore
  5. Red Libra

    When do you think is next one?
  6. Oceania!!

    don't u have other things to cry on too other than the regions in launcher?
  7. Naia DOWN

    the baseball buff is better
  8. Naia DOWN

    pls dont spawn tersi's herald
  9. air light skill

    i already used the new name..still it turns to null... for now i dragged the shortcut button to the macro
  10. air light skill

    anyone experienced this eviscerator skill turning to null when put into a macro?
  11. Just coming back

    i bet this returnee has quit again
  12. Faction Talismans

    wow this mage feels so hard done by this lack of addl matk
  13. EXP table 85-99 please

    just ask how many bottles needed