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  1. this is happening when u have someone in target and u have skills like exalt buff and noblesse on autouse... u stop and u get the message that the target is too far...
  2. unfortunately it doesnt work like that...
  3. i just checked my evis and here is the sequence... right sidestep, back step , left sidestep and then lateral hit...
  4. yes u are right, evis kill faster with the debuffs/procs on
  5. A day wasted!!! thanks to whoever came up with the rollback!!!
  6. Can we remove the 2 purchase limit per armor type? We can instead impose a 6 purchase limit per account regardless of the armor type.
  7. yes if u have the required gear. but for single target u only need 8 rune stones. thats why maestro is the cheapest yet effective tyrr
  8. i was about to say something like this too. single target, maestros are like eviscerators now
  9. i dont think u can change to maestro...
  10. exactly... some one threw taht shit on your spot LOL
  11. right sidestep, lateral, back step then left sidestep. all the procs u need
  12. whats the duration of the maintenance?
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