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  1. air light skill

    i already used the new name..still it turns to null... for now i dragged the shortcut button to the macro
  2. air light skill

    anyone experienced this eviscerator skill turning to null when put into a macro?
  3. Just coming back

    i bet this returnee has quit again
  4. Faction Talismans

    wow this mage feels so hard done by this lack of addl matk
  5. EXP table 85-99 please

    just ask how many bottles needed
  6. no compensation this time?
  7. naia should be up by now....
  8. Fortress Sieges Requirements

    same requirement.. just stronger npcs.
  9. YUL Macro

    i sell macros for yuls. pm me
  10. Macro loop deletion

    dont have macro but they have something better. yall know wat i mean LOL
  11. VMWARE

    where can i verify this?
  12. VMWARE

    i dont think so
  13. this is wat im saying... btw i have a suggestion. instead of tersi's herald, why dont management give us the 3xDandy's homerun ball?
  14. thats why u put some to wh. #usebrain
  15. theres a thing called warehouse LOL