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  1. dwarf ,69 luc - made 1st elmore cloak +7 with 25 scrolls, 2nd elmore cloak took 72 to make +7 ertheia, forgot luc, sure low - 73 scrolls to make +7 elmore
  2. or maybe it could be the fact that all are not clan leaders...
  3. i guess the 'oldest active' clan leader who is conscious about crp should know this. u just need to enter the damn dimensional server. it doesnt have to be during a dimensional siege it will reset the clan quest just as it resets if you watch or join an olympiad match. or maybe you didnt know that either?
  4. yes atm they're not in l2store.. it was during an l2 store event... they cost 200 or 220 ncoin each
  5. not sure about this one it's designed so clan leaders can sign up on dimensional sieges. is that an exploit to you already?
  6. no sense to you but the others know. looks like you're the one who need ''educating'' :D
  7. only clan leaders can enter dimensional server any time so they can reset clan quests when they want.
  8. dude it so happen that i am a clan leader and basically upped my clan to lvl 11 myself clan skills last 15 days* and clan leaders can reset clan quests any time so crp for skills is not really a problem once you reach lvl 11. just invited other players to clan and slowly clan is reaching lvl12 i have few players on my clan and i have no problem closing wars and losing 10k crp. do u think big clans will have this problem?
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