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  1. u complaining about the free rune u got? lol
  2. i was hoping u would sell a larger bundle for recharge stones... at least we can get some hero coins from it
  3. nice observation. this will help the devs
  4. i experienced this too... twice already... 1st an othell and second time was a yul. im thinking it has to do with hide skill since its the common thing to both classes... maybe, just maybe... when an othell or yul use hide skill they left a 'clone' there? lol
  5. even if u are able to login, lag wont allow u to play
  6. dandy balls with an 'S' is ok... but we usually only get 1!!!
  7. hope not this stupid compensation again
  8. heavy punch is a passive skill for eviscerators.
  9. dwarf ,69 luc - made 1st elmore cloak +7 with 25 scrolls, 2nd elmore cloak took 72 to make +7 ertheia, forgot luc, sure low - 73 scrolls to make +7 elmore
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