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  1. S> Venir 15

    mail offers here or bigben01 In game
  2. Othell guide for starter 85-106

    what's better for othell? +10 lucien bracelet or +4 STR bracelet?
  3. Dont know what to put on character

    not sure if u already have these.. 1. dex dyes 2. skill crit rate on AP
  4. you said it yourself.. you are new. you are new and you are comparing yourselves to those who are already 10+ years here... u think with your 2k u can outfarm the whales? i suggest u set another goal
  5. the problem with u guys is u think u can play w/o spending a dollar and u expect to compete with those who are spending! or u think u can spend this amount and fight those who been spending more than you ever planned spending in this game for years!
  6. but... when it was actually nerfed, may i know why they didnt stop playing? now it was overlooked and getting it fixed. why quit now?
  7. Hurricane shackle lvl 2

    yes restart solves this issue. try entering dim server and port out using the gatekeeper... u will be bugged again. can someone else try pls?
  8. its not a nerf... theyre just returning it to the intended amt of adena drop / kill
  9. WAR > (PVE) XlXxxBRxxXlX vs (PVP) Nephilins

    keep killing until they stop the war
  10. Revelation Skills (Savage)

    @Juji can this be looked at? in my experience, revelation skills get 'bugged' or we are only getting lvl1 even if we have the required AP skill, when we enter dimensional server. if you port out using the teleporter, you will experience this. if you restart, everything's fine... @Onesimos any chance you are a clan leader who often dim server? or maybe you can recall if you entered dim server when u experienced this..
  11. Dying, while impossible to die

    usual stuff... ppl get to hold of a DW and they feel they can afk xp anywhere
  12. Dying, while impossible to die

    when u arrived at spot. all skills on... ez kill... u went afk. skills on cd.... u cant handle mob there you go!

    looking for SEA players in NAIA pm me
  14. naia down

    we want juju back as compensation
  15. in oly, isses are a joke. even weak isses who have no chance of being a hero play like this.for what? to waste time?
  16. The Bigest Fail on augment weapon

    looks like not all augments can be seen in our passive. i check my other char with weapon augment + patk and +30 atk attri. only the atk attri was seen in the passive skills under item skills
  17. The Bigest Fail on augment weapon

    reading this i visited my passives...no +15% p. skill crit dmg there from my bow... i also looked on my other char. equipped weap with +15% p .crt dmg. augment also didnt appear in passive under ' item skills'
  18. Pve

    what are those medium gear?

    @Juji do we have support on weekends? sorry for the out of topic post
  20. War System

    u also know that even if they get red it only take a few mobs to be white again?
  21. War System

    rr and ress in town
  22. i Just started, big game problem

    lvl up to 85 1st.. then u will see most of the skills.
  23. Server Disconnections - 5.21.2020

    @Himehope u could give us an etr
  24. Server Disconnections - 5.21.2020

    so what will be the compensation?
  25. so many bitter people LOL