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  1. You guys need to be clear on the terminology used against your accounts. There is a big difference between locked and banned. If you were banned you are most likely never getting unbanned. If you were locked due to suspicious activity, you will likely get the lock removed once support responds to your email. Being locked due to suspicious activity likely has nothing to do with in-game actions. I have had accounts and I know of others who have had accounts locked before ever setting foot in-game. Creating multiple accounts at once, using less popular email services, and even payme
  2. There is a lot of misinformation in this thread. First of all, being blocked/locked for suspicious activity is not equivalent to a game ban. They don't just lock your account for botting, they ban it. Forever. I myself had 4 accounts locked that were all created with similar emails, from the same IP, and did not have VIP or chronicle packs on them. These were created to AFK the event boss boxes. Within 6 hours those 4 were locked due to suspicious activity but none of my other accounts were. No one knows what exactly falls under suspicious activity but I have yet to find som
  3. If you have the Asmedia SATA host controller driver installed try uninstalling that and give it a try.
  4. @TorekO Sounds different than my issue then. Mine locks up entire PC and never unfreezes, I have left it for over an hour before with no luck.
  5. Oh wow, I was just about to reformat to put this behind me. Guess that is out the window. Has the game ever launched for you?
  6. Juji said on Discord that they were aware of the issue. I'm getting ready to send in the log files that support requested on my ticket. You are the 3rd person I have seen with this issue, must be pretty rare.
  7. When I launch the game it displays the splash image and then monitor goes completely black (as if it's opening the game window), and 5-10 seconds later the PC is completely frozen and needs a hard reboot. Game was launching fine yesterday and then late last night this issue started and I have not been able to get into the game since. Specs i7-4770K 980ti Windows 10 Things I have tried: - Reinstalled the game - Reinstalled launcher - Installed the game to different HDD - Reinstalled/changed GPU drivers - Disabled anti-virus -
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