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  1. Ok guys and girl, i'm the only 1 who not like to see WTS WTB WTT message spam in hero chat? lets clean up hero chat in naia, if you not like those message pm the spammer to stop message in hero chat and do it on world chat. World chat for sell buy and trade items, hero chat for talk only. dont give up, if they see to many pm, they will send those message in world chat instead to hero chat. If we Work TOGETHER we won the battle
  2. Propet

    Next step :)

    Ok so i made a GS dual, was titan before, right now i have this gear 103 lvl Upgraded Exalted Weapon* +1 Savior mask* +1 Noble Circlet of Authority* +7 Elmore* | Chef Money Belt LV3 Ruby Opal Diamond Pearl LV4 EMerald (Lv2 Brooch) +15 Dex Dyes +9 Phy Attack Passive Lv2 Clean Artifacts Tauti* + Creation Ring* + Valakas Neck* + Tezza Soul + B Zaken* + Special Confusion Resist Earring* +4 Dragon Shirt* +7 Shiny Shirt +7 Phy Shirt + Qa Soul + Baium Soul + Wyrm Ring Talisman:Abu lv1* + Stage 10 Venir* + Stage 10 (GC* HB AF) Longing* Anakim* (Advanced Aria Blacelet +4 Dex) Taur
  3. first you need a mentor then after you lvl up to 105, will graduate as mentee, and will get a reward box, Atlas Earring only who graduate get this but clean 1 not with +12, after you have this earring, you need 12 mentee to reach 105, and you will get 2 scroll each 2 member and its 100% succes rate, so not as long and you have this
  4. you just not look the right patch go kill kama baylor gludio instance tauti and octavis and tezza, they will add more instance where you can get drop, atm they try clean up everything, then build up the new farm drop system
  5. really? if ncsoft not give you this gear, then that 4.5m adena will be more like 100k only or less Btw if you want adena, go istina and balok and ekimus, or go oly, field mob only for get exp.
  6. Oo lets count this to make similar gear that you get by free i will type for you for how much adena you need to get it lv3 ruby, to make you need like 3b opal to, diamond 2b emerald 2b pearl 2b, weapon its like a shadow weapon, so around 4b, and the armor if i count only the attribute its like 2b and the stat on that armor its damage side, its better then a eternal set. so lets say 3b minimum, and you crying for a buff that cost you 30m? after ypi get free 16b worth gear? and we wasnt talk the dragon shirt, that better then my +7 shiny shirt, that shirt for me was like 4b. so basicly you
  7. Say bb to insane mp regen, try buy virgo
  8. i cant see problem there, what you looking? Oo
  9. Propet


    was hard to find it, its the sleep skill and transformation on iss debuff
  10. Propet


    I see in some jewel, this stat as succes rate and resistance, what skill have this status? Cant find this Debuff Status on wiki.
  11. forgotten SB CH1 can be buy it on ncstore, from now on.
  12. 10% crit damage on my othell, so i need 12 mentee to reach 105 sound fun to try if we get the earring somewhere and scroll
  13. Jan 20? not Jan 29? PN say Jan 29 PN say all recipe, so all recipe, and accounding to refund list, you get nothing back @Juji this is the full libra list? cant see quest list on live only on classic have.
  14. Be happy for evisch will stay in no1 spot on pve damage, we will lose sos so titan will go down, probable we will make less damage like summoner do. First we was lose retri, now sos. what next we lose? Furious Slasher?
  15. Ok so my Box Hierophant lvl up to 102, and cant decide which Ap Skill should she learn. What i was learn LV1 PDEF LV3 HP Lv3 Attribute LV2 Robe Lv2 Light LV4 HP <--- Robe Lv2 -CD 4 Skill i thinking Lv1 Casting Speed on wiz tree Lv1 Resistance LV1 Death Shield LV1 Exp
  16. Aden pet manager "Michey" cause i fishing there with my main Btw I was learn Berserker Rage + Death Dual skill. Was test out Mastery Rage, was make 150 Stab and only 1 time triggered, so berserker much better.
  17. old damage Without buff=277k - 334k With iss buff=721k - 874k After update max damage and not learn the new dual class skill Without buff=367k With iss buff=961k New Test learn the death dual skill Without buff=405k With iss buff=1.060m
  18. not sure what you guys done on game but i have shot lag, and i'm not the only 1 who have it Prepare for 100 player will cry here for shot lag and cant put item in wh as well i just start w chat about shot lag and at least 50 message folow me for same message
  19. i think usa also not allow this action, so no need to point out this. not only eu have this rukes. all country have this.
  20. will see in aug 22. Will make new test after update, between 9 str and 9 dex Edit Current damage with a +20 Power enchant Stab on 102 Without buff=277k - 334k With iss buff=721k - 874k next test will be on Aug 22
  21. was look up your post on HB Phan ridge and GC Low Kill 5 JabberWok i was get 222k-277k exp so its same like in wiki, and then i go to GC Low and kill some mob alone was get around 700m exp without vit, there is no nerf at least on hb and gc low, check clan buff maybe you missed the clan exp buff.
  22. 13 min my best record with tank + chant + gog So this 3 different items make so huge diff? Lv4 Ruby + lv4 Opal + lv 3 Red Cat eye, I edit my first post, was make a little diff
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