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  1. Besides lags , getting also dc's, even if my mentee does nothing and the game sits on the bar.
  2. Oh well there it goes , my dreams shattered. Why would i use exp boosts on a class that will be obsolete . For the ones that are writing here just to see the posts number increasing. I cant finish the last exalted q cause they require main to be 110 . And to start all over again with a new naked char. kinda dont see the point.
  3. Pink

    Re roll

    Hello Quick question to the community : Is it possible to re roll my main class to 85 ? race is dorf class is iss. Thx
  4. Hey @Juji there is no info there if the Lucien's Blessed Bracelet Enchant Scroll are tradable or not or the marks....
  5. even tho i have completed all the necessary requests for "savior's path discovery" i still cant manage to open the other quests i need to unlock "Savior's path search the rafinery" and savior path demons and atelia the answer from ncsoft was Hello, Thank you for contacting the Lineage II Support Team! You can acquire the Mentioned quest on the Following as per patch notes: Savior's Path - Search the Refinery - Prerequisite (s) - Leona Blackbird [In front of the Atelia Refinery] Savior's Path - Demons and Atelia - Prerequisite (s) - Devianne [ Front of the Atelia Refinery] My a
  6. Pink

    Bugged quest

    Since nc soft cant help me i need an answer from u peeps : GM Sylvia (Lineage 2) Aug 29, 01:27 PDT Hello there, Please try the following to repair your game installation. It is possible that some files are missing, and the repair process may help the issue. Open the Lineage II Launcher At the bottom left corner of the launcher there is a button named 'File Repair'. Click this button.
  7. Pink


    Hello Quick question : Can any1 tell me if the luc stat increases by lvl at dorf crafter? cause i couldnt find any references ...besides the additional stuff that u put on him dyes etc.... Thank you
  8. Still looking for this.... Summoning Piero
  9. Pink

    Roadmap 2018

    Best event ever http://www.lineage2.com/en/news/events/11th-anniversary-celebration.php
  10. Best event ever http://www.lineage2.com/en/news/events/11th-anniversary-celebration.php
  11. Pink


    Goooood morning Dimensional rift use to give faction points for Unworldly Visitors, now not anymore......When was this ninja patch ?
  12. Hello like the title says red/blue cat eye not at Shadai to exchange for a lvl 3 box. Thx
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