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  1. I have 2 questions: 1) Should I level up first the homunculus level and then level up his comune or the opposite? 2) Do the homunculus stats (p.atk, pdef etc) effect me?
  2. Thank you for you answer. I thought that p.crit dmg stacks with the p.skill crit dmg only in othell. So why 8% and not 10% ?
  3. Atlas earing gives 5% Normal attack Critical dmg and 5% P.skill critical damage. Do Othels have a final benefit of 10% P.skill critical damage from this?
  4. Can old players get the paulina's R grade equipment?
  5. Hmm you are right brother. We should create 50 chars like you and play 30hours each day in order to make some adena.
  6. Sure, but a small chance for spellbooks/ewc/eac or something like this would be nice
  7. This event does not give anything permanent i.e. anything worthy
  8. of course it will. Forget that precious weapon once and for all HUE HUE
  9. We need some cOooOol compensation for all these unscheduled weekly maintenances. By cool I mean something like 200% exp bonus and some GM buffs would be nice!
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