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  1. Fixed an issue where raid loot rights were not reset correctly after a command channel stopped attacking a raid boss it is already a thing, the question is, how long does it take for raid loot right to reset? Lets say a specific command channel stops hitting the raid boss, how long will it take for rights to reset? @Hime
  2. Full plate plans

    You can craft it or drop it, use l2wiki for more info where you can drop parts or full items. FP parts / or Full armor is dropped from multiple mobs in dragon valley, and enchanted valley. Here's a screen from the game if needed as you've mentioned that you can't find it anywhere in the game so i guess you are wondering what a set would give.
  3. [Giran] 3lvl Lietuviu CL

    Sveiki, lietuviu cl priima CP, bei solo 40+ zaidejus. Taipogi melee cp iesko SE/BD, del platesnes informacijos rasom i pm arba zaidime "EvilHero
  4. Is the queue "real"? Check this out

    cant login to the server for 4 hours now and still counting. Attempt #23?
  5. Is the queue "real"? Check this out

    cant log in for 3 hours now and still counting, bleeping pathetic..
  6. Server ON XP/ADENA not fixed yet, well they have mentioned it will be fixed this week, not today so...
  7. What about the adena drop after the maintenance is over? As what we know so far, is that it should be fixed this week, will it be fixed after the maintenance?
  8. Account hacking?

    @Juji So it's a second time i get a random disconnect on all of my accounts and this time when trying to get back to the game for no reason i am asked to enter a verification code. I received this in my email. As you can see someone has tried to access my account from the US, even though i'm from the UK lol. The question is, should we be worried about hacking or not.
  9. And there i was, completing everything during the day so i can sit back and play some good old lineage2. Now it has been delayed for bleep knows how long and here i am finishing a 6th wank because of a bleeping boredom.