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  1. since no one can answer at world chat seriusly without joking or trolling.... I would like to know about it.
  2. For sometime i have been saying: It was classic at first month of existence... after that it is another live. I believed that just the fact ppl moved in mass to a CLASSIC server should be enought for NC realise that the game took a wrong turn somewhere in the middle. And ppl were expecting a true C2-C3 server, not a p2w fest: quests gone, old class transfers gone, craft gone, even revamping areas and completly removing drop/spoil tables (what helps to not existing economy), etc.... NC dont care what we suggest... so better not to waist time and enjoy the good memories from 18 years ago.
  3. So, have anyone find out where to get the B grade recipes that used to be in ToI?? If yes, please share!!! Thank you
  4. My dear friend: I dont know if you know but all of those requests are similar or equal to LIVE. We came to classic in hope that we could enjoy the OLD great game we had once, before get destroyed by the expantion of GoD. Yes, you may not say it, but 99% of who came for the server came from live because there are NOT any fun anymore. The ideas of instances and etc you mention, existing there, is good in fact. The problem is only WHALES can enjoy them there because of the same problems we are facing here: no adena drop; hours and days and years doing quests for 40000 items in a overpopulated are
  5. I agree with most of the suggestions made by fellow players, but only some adressed one big factor that who likes CLASSIC style of L2 are completely furious: DWARFS and CRAFTING SYSTEM. Toi was revamped and became useless in ALL aspects: the chars of equivalent lvl cant kill there; the drop is almost 0 for that lvls (dont mentioning the fact they die before the mobs...), and the spoil/drop of B grade parts and recipes DISSAPEARED. Im lvl 52, so my random crafting system havent kicked out (now i red why) so my and alot medium lvl players focus were DWARFING THE ITEMS. You know, craft
  6. So again, who like the CLASSIC features of spoil and craft will be ****. And again you are making classic server the new live... When you could upgrade the loot tables and exp/sp tables from existing empty hunting zones, you upgrade TOI and Cruma and spoil the fun of must of us. Well done NC
  7. "Shepherd's flute" was my ringtone for years.... I still wish for a true classic L2, but this is a classic with touch of Live. I se players asking for kartia and kamaloka in classic... that is live! And Live lost the interest since GoD. That is why "we" came to classic.... but they keep having jerk ideas..... :((
  8. Like Live server? No thanks. They will take away recipes and mats we still need to craft. Because they change lvl of mobs, but FORGET loot/spoil tables to be changed and replaced.... we have that at dragon valley......
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