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  1. Please read.

    "Shepherd's flute" was my ringtone for years.... I still wish for a true classic L2, but this is a classic with touch of Live. I se players asking for kartia and kamaloka in classic... that is live! And Live lost the interest since GoD. That is why "we" came to classic.... but they keep having jerk ideas..... :((
  2. Like Live server? No thanks. They will take away recipes and mats we still need to craft. Because they change lvl of mobs, but FORGET loot/spoil tables to be changed and replaced.... we have that at dragon valley......
  3. My feedback: Adena rates, drop rates, SPOIL rates all need to be checked!!! I understand why when creating the classic some changes came up, but it is not good to play this way. And still some questions came (stupid ones but....)and i can tell them: 1 why changed the loot list of all mobs? made alot of us crazy when it opened, specially the ones who always had a dwarf and knew by heart the mobs to spoil for recipes. Also this made some recs and items "dissaper" from game....i have like avadon circlet recs just from top of my head.... 2. the cloth thingy.... since we have some catacombs and necros open, the mammon could keep running around on hide, and make some kind of "fee" like it used to be with 7 signs for the entry on catas and necros. for example you only cound enter if you had a permit aquired from a quest with a town blacksmith of hunting 300 mobs in a some place! (yeah im dreaming around...) 3 the runes thingy!!! not really a problem, but i used to love farming on devastated castle area making crystals of the 3 colors while i leved up my chars. making crystals lvl 6 and 7 was always so fun! so at this point im worry: you speak about a new crafting system?! when you spoke about that on live was the dead of the dwarfs as race, so yes, im getting worry. I dont need to keep going on this, alot of ppl have spoken so you do know whats is missing and what is wrong. cheers!
  4. 7 Accounts? WTF?

    Live server is 3 accounts per Computer Classic is 7 accounts.
  5. First, i cannot mistake with interlude since at that expansion the game was already going on live spec. I have the feeling that is a mix between C3/C4 with gadgets from live. Second, i agree with new stuff as i said before like Rune is missing and Innadril (C4 areas) and Shuttgard (C5). What i dont agree is: lets take sea of spores area - its a lvl 40+ area right? dont turn it into a lvl 80+ area. THATS WHY IM TRYING TO SAY HERE. I hope that now you can at least see my point. About adena drop I do agree with you on the high areas. But i was asking for raise the spoil ration on the lower ones at least something, since alot on those leves have a daily struggle to try and get some items. Did i make myself clear now?
  6. Im talking about the SPOIL percentage, not adena drop.
  7. Well you have Live server for the new areas. Classic is a return to the beggining for alot of us. New areas like Rune, Shuttgard and Innadril that are currently out of the map its ok and are welcome. But doing the same thing they did to Dragon Valley is put classic like Live. If it is that, why create classic???
  8. Well why not do same thing to the lvl40 and higher aswell? Because the little ones also need to equip themselves. And im just asking for the spoils part.
  9. If this means revamp the lvl of the hunting zones, forget it. That is what you are doing at live and for most of us coming to classic is to relive the zones that are not the same thing anymore. At least for me and some others like me. Another point is the fact that some of us miss the spoil/craft feature this game have and its gone on Live servers. If you start changing the hunting zones, that part goes puff again. Please dont do the same mistake AGAIN. Most of us are players of the live server so we do know what sucks.
  10. And the spoil and missing recipes? Is that fixed too?
  11. So is it fixed?

    I have the same dream....
  12. Recipe high grade suede

    check in here: https://l2wiki.com/classic/Recipe:_High-grade_Suede#Spoil
  13. well i havent level to go there yet, so that is why i didnt know. even so it is sad that you need to glitch to win.... in my opinion, removing the doors ended the fun of those instances.... still remember the mass pvp waiting for the spawns....
  14. wow... ok! Mb im "out of my league" here, but since i can remember the room where baium is have a door CLOSED and the only way to get in is talking with the crystal outside.... so... how the hell someone get the archangels out to the lower floor???? Or did the tower changed??? Sorry guys but that is an exploit for me. I guess it should be fixed....