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  1. Well thanks for the thought I guess. For the ones affected by the rollback with destiny packs we only get the vitality rune since we cant wait until our current xp runes run out to get the comp pack.
  2. Agree even though all my summoner debuffs where +20 before I changed class they are still technically a level 109 skill so landing a level 120 is impossible. All debuff skills are like that they are stuck at level 108-110 depending when you last get to upgrade them.
  3. Yeah summoners are worthless after 110 for pve and the pets are a 1 shot in pvp. Its been nerf after nerf for them with going from 4 pets to a max of 2 then losing the crit rate buff on the pets from the hidden ap skill.
  4. The extreme about of point loss for DC is obscene worst case it should be the max you can loose in a match 15 points or say 20 max.
  5. You would hope NCSoft takes some type of action but MS pays too many of their bills and will be let slide again.
  6. What about if you already took the wrong mentee reward of 2 scrolls instead of 200k coins?
  7. @Hime @Juji I dont think exploit means what you think it means. Banning someone that plays the game fairly and makes the game more enjoyable to play for others while leaving all the other cheating and toxic players that make others want to quit is asinine. You should be punishing those that make it necessary to find such hidden places just to be able to play the game without constant harassment. Maybe you should spend more time fixing the broken aspects of this game (extreme lag, in game harassment, cheats, ect) rather then perpetuating the harassment toward players that haven't done anythin
  8. The delusion is strong with this one. You say lild1nk harasses Ashura over a video that was posted after he was already harassing ashura. Your CP started harassing Ashura ever since you kicked everyone from TheFallen clan and discord after server restart for no reason. As for your CP hatred of Audge, Chill, Poppa, Elementz, Nardy I cant comment about since I have no idea what went on between all of you, but as for Myself, Nagnar we only started defending ourselves and calling out the constant lies your CP spews. As for NeoNemesis, I find it hilarious you even mention him in your post since
  9. Conguero I still haven't received a full refund for deleted items and my ticket has been closed. Can you tell your people to get off facebook and youtube and do their job sometime this month?
  10. Great so I lost even more items then I thought and have no idea how many of each I had. It really isnt that hard to check your ID's when you run a script to remove items in a database. Conguero pm me and let me know what I need to do to get a refund on these other items that you deleted.
  11. Yiado was just pointing out that Conguero misspoke and said Suspicious Merchant instead of Clan Trader NPC
  12. Conguero, Did anyone inform your support staff about this because they are clueless. After putting in ticket "Request #17131676" exactly how you said to I get a response of "What is the name of the item you lost??" 24hrs later -Really? its in the title and the body of the ticket.. After linking them to this topic in the forms and telling them again the items lost it takes them 48 hours to come back with "ok we will refund you 1,500,000 adena". Does you support even look at the logs or do they have a dart board to come up with the refund amounts because that is = to 15 potions. I had m
  13. Put in a ticket as well but lost the scrolls, hp pots and raid bonus boxes.
  14. Throw Sand is broken after update. It breaks devil's movement and even with silent step on it agros all mobs in range of the mob its casted on.
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