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  1. Aggression skill "aggroing" entire groups

    Hate Aura is the skill supposed to keep the taunt of surrounding group of monsters. It is working like Big criticals if you have 100 monsters on you but you are low tank and you have archer in or out of your pt it will aggro em. Aggro is working exactly the same way. So monsters are no so smart and they think that tank is making the biggest dmg so they have to kill it first or if you spam heal they have to kill your healer. Like pvp kill heal-dmg-other sups- and last tank. if tank is good it will keep you stuck on it. Clear maths
  2. Aggression skill "aggroing" entire groups

    If a team of mobs are group then you have to aggro only one.
  3. 4 hours queue

    let as know for how long pls
  4. Solution: 'Client will be closed'

    Already waiting 5 hours. About 2 more to go
  5. 4 hours queue

    well i'm waiting already 4 hours. 3-4 hours more to log in i guess
  6. 4 hours queue

    Are you sure coz my friends (with vip) log in without waiting 4+ hours .How is that bad design? So lets think about our days. 8 hours sleep/8 hours to log in/8 hours working no time to play and if you don't want to vip hours will be more and more
  7. 4 hours queue

    This is business you need to be VIP to log in fast so that's little not fair for poor ppl. But business likes money so if you don't have money you cant enjoy. It is a ''way'' to force you make vip ''only if you want'' or they have the first 2004 server.