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  1. Thanks for all your responses, even with all your information, i still wanna go for it, the concept is just too damn good, i don't intend to be top pvp/pve player, i just wanna have fun with a class that i like, but it still worry me that fact that i'll probably loose all tank spots on party with other tanks, still tought i will give it a try. Thanks.
  2. Hello, i really like the concept of this class, but on every single guide or comparison between the tanks i read about classic i see the same line... ''Paladin is the worst sh!t tank ever created''. And i'm like... is really that bad?... can someone list me a few pro's/cons about this class, and if i will have a spot in a group choosing to be Paladin
  3. Hello, i'm kinda new to the L2 world in general, but i'm not a fan of multiple clients on any game, i feel like a game should have a full party of active members, and not only 3 or 4 people, so i'm not really going to play with multiples clients. My question is, is worth for me to play with just 1 EE as a Main?... Will i be able to go to other ppls parties or i'm making me a box character that everyone will have on a 2nd or 3rd client and i will play alone all the time?... Thanks for your responses in advance.
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