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  1. Huge lagg and d/c

    Entel u.u
  2. Huge lagg and d/c

    Same for me, it all started late wednesday. It's been hard to log in, and when I succeed, it takes no less than 5 to 15 seconds to take an action, sometimes it freezes up to 2 minutes. I'm from Chile too. @Hime @Juji
  3. Huge lagg and d/c

    I have been experiencing massive lag spikes since this week's scheduled maintenance. Sometimes it goes from 5 to 15 seconds of response or even disconnects my account. Can you check if there is any problem with this? PS: I'm from South America.
  4. Lost over 4% on death

    As you level up, the exp you need to achieve the next level increases, so 4% of level 41 is more than 4% of level 40. That's why when you delevel you lose a little bit more than 4%
  5. Lingering Halloween Level 3 issue

    So it seems someone changed the title of my post but didn't even care to post a reply?
  6. Lingering Halloween Level 3 issue

    Jack O’Lantern, Halloween Gift, Halloween Candy, and Lingering Halloween Level 1-3 buffs will be automatically removed from players’ inventories when the event ends on November 14. That means all remaining items will be removed when the event ends, not that the items can be used and not be "spent". So you learn to read.
  7. Item is not dissapearing when used, so it is (possible) to refresh the rebuff with only just 1 item indefinitely. Not sure if this is intended to work this way or not. Please need a quick clarification to know what to do with the remaining items. @Juji @Hime