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  1. for all you people with "lives" and "no time for bs" take a days pay out of your work and buy runes , ss and exp scrolls to level up and make adena. What used to take weeks in game can be bought with about 1 day of pay. so there are basically 2 options either you have no job so you can sit there all day and farm or you have a job & pay a little money and save loads of time.. stop the bitching play the game pay 2 win do whatever if you want a GM to be ingame maybe you should play a illegal server. Thank you L2 team for making a playable game i dont have to religiously play to hav
  2. The gift in the L2 Store for VIP 1 is missing. Unable to confirm other VIP levels.
  3. @Hime Why can this login queue not be temporarily disabled? If this is causing such an issue where people cannot even play, it should not be part of the game until it has been tested properly. I do understand the need for a queue but the timeout should at minimum be disabled.
  4. I believe it would be beneficial to disable the queue system until a permanent fix can be applied.
  5. It is literally timing out in LESS THAN 1 SECOND.... Unbelievable. No person is that fast at entering their PIN
  6. This is happening to me as well. The timer for logging in from character select needs to be increased. There is not enough time...
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