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  1. So in your opinion what's the best tank if SK is your second? Never mind, I am assuming it's the DA, lol.........quess I should of read the whole comment.
  2. Yea but it gives you a casting speed increase of 91% and mana recovery by 20%
  3. I was wondering everyone's thoughts on using light armor over robes as a SO? Thanks in advance for any replies.
  4. Sweet thanks for the quick response.
  5. How do I auto follow someone in my group? I can't find anything in the actions tab.
  6. If you had read the FAQs then you would of read that you may only get a refund for one of the pre-order packs if you message them requesting a refund before you use the code.
  7. TrickyD307


    Exactly why I ended up going Human Knight instead. They should give you some kind of a starter D grade dagger after completing the Rogue quest line.
  8. You have to "spend" NCoins. If you got the 2400 VIP rep from the Chronicle pack then you need to purchase 1600 NCoins which will cost you $20 and then "spend" them to get to 4000 points to hit VIP level 4.
  9. Only took 6 hours but got em, better late then never.
  10. I purchased NCoins about 5 hours ago, shows purchase on credit card but no email and no coins, WTF??? How long do I have to wait?
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