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  1. Is it possible to share the game account with friends?
  2. sorry my bad english I'm sitting out of town afk report me as boot me debuff in? What's wrong, the account bans me?
  3. How does this button work? Is it possible to send you a report while you are sitting outside the city? I really do not understand you get to the game and you have debuff now the next thing to stay without the account for a ban?
  4. I SELL ELVEN LONG SWORD O WTT FOR POLE TOP D! also accept serious offers to send mail in game to lacroft because the sellers of adena have the wisp collapsed and or wisp them You can also answer this post with the name of the character in play and I will talk to you
  5. @Hime @Juji Of little embarrassment 54 hours I have already been waiting since Sunday afternoon to send a tiket with number 22227447 Because of a problem with the purchase of a classic launch package, no answer yet and today it is finished, is it removed forever? and what happens to people who had problems like me to buy it or who simply could not for other reasons that happens with people who with the long queue that has to enter the server can not be done with that pack ???? We asked for an answer and paid and I'm not enjoying it I hope that all those who had some rea
  6. I see information about server launch packages I could not do with that package, is there no possibility of getting it? Will not they put something similar for new people? many have 30 days of benefits that others who arrived later to the server could not get
  7. 1 When a person is reported by boot what happens? he only has a debuff he sees that he has that debuff? is not he banned? is not investigated? the boot issue important to have it controlled. 2 If I am buying coins I am more likely to have the account closed for no reason (and seen many people in the forum complaining about that) I worry about two weeks playing without problems and do not want to purchase to be prohibited for no reason 3 Things like hats are tradeables if I go vip a character and I get a hat then I can pass it to another character if I want to? 4 Is the tr
  8. estoy usando doble caja solo 2 muy bien voy a dormir me despierto y quiero jugar veo un servidor nuevo y ahora me da error xigcode3 que detecta doble caja pero que a pasado? unique to whom it happens?
  9. same problem here.. cannot login because of stupid PIN - answer my ticket! PLAYER LVL 0 INCORRECT PIN WTF!!!!!!
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