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  1. Hello El1te Thanks for your valuable tips! I'm playing for so long as a Tyrr Doombringer. It's really very slow to level up , Specially when playing alone. Could you please, give me some tips to someone who is level 99? What are the very recommended Quests from your experience and in your oppinion? Thank you very ver much for any help.
  2. Known Issue: Server Login/Select Issue

    From today I'm also locked from Select Server screen.
  3. Lineage II - August Preview

    Please install the anti-bot tool fast because already can see many bots everywhere. Thanks for keep improving Lineage 2.
  4. I would like to leave a suggestion. It's something I miss in Lineage. The Quest window could show us a history of all the quests that char has already completed. This would help me a lot because I really like doing the quests but I do not know what quests I've done in my chars. Such a window would help me a lot.
  5. I Like Kamael very much. I miss more news about Kamael race. For example... why we cannot have ISS Judicator? Why block this line of natural evolution
  6. Quest items never count

    I'm Killing mobs to quest "Liberating the Spirits" and "Kicking out unwelcome guests" with 3 chars in party. in two chars everytime when some mob was killed the quest system add +1 to some quest items as usual. But, for one of my chars, no one quest item was added, never! It's impossible to finish the quest like this. There are some workaround?