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  1. Jump Glitch-Bug-Cheat

    Audge should have been compensated for her unjust banning. Reparations of some kind, maybe a free dragon weapon stage 3.
  2. Jump Glitch-Bug-Cheat

    Ehh, I stand by my original stance. Audge shouldn't have been banned for what she did, this video isn't cheating either. Bad coding is all. That is just how the game is played, it's not cheating if everyone knows about the tactic and all use it. My character had had 1 Extra AP then my level would indicate I have for months now because NCwest doesn't know how to fix. Am I cheating by having an extra AP point? By definition maybe. However, I know most the server also has that extra AP point, so it is not really an advantage.
  3. Upcoming PK System Changes - Discussion

    I don't play much anymore, but this seems like a really bad idea. I don't believe the force pk issue is possible to fix. Going to kill 24/7 macroing and get a lot of people very rich off the tears of others.
  4. New PK Rules

    Given the upcoming changes to the PK System. I am announcing that I am coming out of Retirement. Top end gear, will be super easy to farm off 24/7 macro toons by forcing pk. I expect to be fully stacked and geared in a couple weeks from the new gear farm system ncwest is implementing.
  5. Upcoming PK System Changes - Discussion

    =O Pk is illegal again!?
  6. Jump Glitch-Bug-Cheat

    Maybe you won. But the Original poster clearly lost, winners who had fun don't cry and complain. OP clearly lost hard, and didn't sleep last night it was soo bad.
  7. What do we need? Will they read us?....

    You are talking about a staff that works 10 hours a month combined. Ncwest is doing a really great job considering, just understand it is a time issue.
  8. Jump Glitch-Bug-Cheat

    Goodluck, I reported Nova for this every month for 15 years, Juji did nothing, he knows about the spot. It is a part of the game now, working as intended. at least, that is what the GMs told me. Back to the drawing board Nova, find a new way to explain your failures.
  9. Summoners

    Dumb comment, Summoner doesn't have any support skills, therefore they are a DD not a hybrid. I can balance summoner by changing like 2 numbers in the code.
  10. Jump Glitch-Bug-Cheat

    Nova been doing this for like 15 years. Even back during martelx and Hitch days
  11. Gran Kain Necklace Stage 2 Bugs

    Juji if you reading this, I bought the wrong crystal of determination amount. Bring back the promo I just need a quick 3,021
  12. Gran Kain Necklace Stage 2 Bugs

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ga_sutbjXTs&feature=youtu.be First scene is Gran Kain ignoring Celestrial Aegis. Second scene is Gran Kain not working because I have Celestial Aegis on myself. Third scene is Summoner Marks not working with Gran Kain up.
  13. Main - Dual exchange service

    Nah, ill quit.
  14. Gran Kain Necklace Stage 2 Bugs

    Another Bug with the Necklace, even though it feels like I am talking to myself. Maybe someone will read as its not a bug for summoners. When you use Gran Kain's Necklace Active Skill while CS is up on yourself, the skill doesn't work, it doesn't even pop up on your buff bar. Is this working as intended?
  15. Main - Dual exchange service

    +1 With many classes made obsolete like the summoner, certain warriors, ect. A lot of players have opted to just play our dual class. With a system being implemented that favors the main class, this puts mainly dual class players at a huge disadvantage. With all your bound items/augmentable gear/agathions/+20 skills and +30 forgotten skills, this puts the cost of rerolling at about 1000 billion adena not including the time to lvl again. I will not continue to play if I cannot switch my dual class to main class. And I have a feeling, a lot of others players will not as well. Anyway, I hope ncwest makes the right choice.