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  1. Lineage II: Fafurion System Changes

    Thanks for the responses Juji
  2. Lineage II: Fafurion System Changes

    No upgrade from R99 Armor to R110 Armor, confirmed by Juji. A lot of wasted +10 dark sets going to pop up on the market lol Upgradable R99 weapons to R110 after +10 but at a steep cost. Also confirmed by Juji Seems silly to allow upgrades on weapons but not armor, we already all 1 shot eachother. It should probably be reversed lol. Let us upgrade armors not weapons.
  3. Please fix this. I spend half my time in game trying to switch class lol
  4. This is a bandaid on busted water main. Although I appreciate it, as now I will only need to trade 29 items instead of 30 to switch class ^m^
  5. Please +1 if you would like this issue fixed. So the 15th anniversary reward for 15 year old players today was a raid master outfit, which can neither be destroyed or put into your warehouse. With all the gear in this game, my toon is almost always 120/184 inventory. Yet to switch class I need to be down to 95 inventory. Switching class from main to dual class, something that should be simple is very difficult. This is very annoying mechanic to the game that I feel can be easily fixed. Can I get some support? Maybe the Dev team can look into this. This 95/184 cap, makes it difficult to keep buying gear. And the most bound items added to my toon the worse the situation gets. Pretty soon Top players will not be able to switch class. This is a very simple quality of life issue, ncsoft can fix. We just need to tell them as a community that it is important to us that they fix this.
  6. Chronos Castle seige

    We can 7v7 on dim server, you don't start wars there. Ez Pz
  7. Chronos Castle seige

    So you mad we have the war up, but also mad we went light castle. Sounds like you just want to gank afk xpers, and not actually pvp.
  8. Chronos Castle seige

    They both are taking a break due to real life issues. They will be back.
  9. Chronos Castle seige

    MS isn't bored, its just nova propaganda. I have fun every time I play.
  10. Chronos Castle seige

    If you guys are all genius, I want everyone of you to write what you want MS to do to fix the server. Ill wait =D You know with nova as the #1 clan, they would be doing the same exact thing. I know this because they were doing it for 8 years.
  11. Chronos Castle seige

    This is bs, ive offered nova multiple times to pick a castle, any castle and MS will only leave 2 groups there the entire siege. They refuse this offer every time. In addition, nova was the clan that would only let one group pvp. They would trade all gear into 1 cp and still lose. it would take 30 minutes for them to get the gear together, then they lose one fight and log out. So nova was never competition. MS allows even the weakest group to pvp whenever they want. Nova is the clan that only pvps if they can guarantee a victory, and right now they have 0 chance to win so they don't pvp lol. Its not suprising at all, we always knew nova was a joke.
  12. Chronos Castle seige

    Nova has the gear to pvp and win, but they choose not to. They might not have the skill to win, but they have the gear. Nova is attempting a tactic where they force their enemies to quit by not pvping. This is the only reason sieges are not competitive. I think that is much more antigame attitude, as you say, then anything MS is doing. And by the way it won't work. We love trashing nova and watching them coward in a corner. We won't quit anytime soon, so have fun never pvping again.
  13. @Juju, with gear needing to be highly enchanted to be good now a days. Ie. +10 dark sets and +12/16 weapons being the standard. A lot of players would appreciate being able to upgrade their r99 and r95 gear to r110 to eliminate the painful enchanting process all over again. This being the case if there is one system you can push for in the new update make it upgradable R99/R95/R grade like other servers have. Thanks
  14. A lot of people have been asking in game if ncwest will ever add the ability to upgrade R grade gear through blacksmith in town like korea server has. Is this something ncwest is considering with fufarion update? Also, will we get the ability to upgrade r99 to r110?