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  1. @Juju, with gear needing to be highly enchanted to be good now a days. Ie. +10 dark sets and +12/16 weapons being the standard. A lot of players would appreciate being able to upgrade their r99 and r95 gear to r110 to eliminate the painful enchanting process all over again. This being the case if there is one system you can push for in the new update make it upgradable R99/R95/R grade like other servers have. Thanks
  2. A lot of people have been asking in game if ncwest will ever add the ability to upgrade R grade gear through blacksmith in town like korea server has. Is this something ncwest is considering with fufarion update? Also, will we get the ability to upgrade r99 to r110?
  3. Debuff skills - no ability to magic crit

    Taking away marks ability to crit sucks but the bigger issue is the pets 1000+% pvp dmg nerf lol. Summoners were overpowered for 1 chronicle when we got 4 pets, and people cried for days. My 4 reapers were critting for 2-3k per crit and apparently that was too strong, but archers and wizards can crit for 500k. so ncsoft nerfed summons pvp dmg by 1000% and took 2 pets away. It was the biggest nerf in the history of L2 and it was never corrected. I can crit raid bosses with my pets for 1million dmg, but in pvp I am lucky to crit for 200 dmg with pets. But don't worry, retributer passive going from 100% to 120% next update!......
  4. Live Server FUTURE Events

    You guys are pretty hard on Hime and the GM/CMs in general. Ncsoft has been accommodating the player base nicely lately. I hope they keep up the good work.
  5. Issues Status Update - 10.9.2018

    Stop going from 0 to 100 mph you turd. increasing the rates slightly does not equal everything being handed out. It is simple boost to the overall economy which is currently being carried on the back of a 3,200 adena spider quest. Without the hope of upgrading gear in a timely fashion, people won't play the game. 2 years to get c grade isn't what the majority want. maybe you are fine with a no grade weapon when you are lvl 55, but personally I want to be able to kill mobs.
  6. Issues Status Update - 10.9.2018

    Znipo still clueless I see. Plenty of polls have been taken, It's like 9-1 in favor of increasing adena/spoil/drop rates. When you factor out trolls and people who just want to be different to get attention, you are basically at 10-0. 100% of people want rates increased.
  7. Change PK System!

    We believed in you Juji! What have you done!
  8. Change PK System!

    +1 change the pk system so red toons drop items.
  9. NCWest XP Requirements

    Ncsoft, why would you make your vit boosts from l2store less effective? Why would I buy an erupting pot that was adding 100% xp boost a few weeks ago that now adds 50% xp (Due to Exalted Passive ninja nerf). Do you want people to stop buying vit items? =p I suggest if you want more people buying vit items, you don't make them less effective. This was a huge change to the game that should of been announced not covered up. I will just get vit from now on, since the other vit item boosts are so minimal. I also wonder how legal it is to run promotions selling 50 erupting pots and 50 maintainer pots knowing shortly after they will be 50% less effective .
  10. ..

  11. BAN for using CTRL button?

    Please tell me this is a joke....
  12. BAN for using CTRL button?

    I call bs, I play with the player in question daily, everything he was doing is perfectly legal. I have played lineage 2 for 14 years, and nothing outside of the normal protocol was executed. Pvping is part of the game, no way he did anything outside the realm of this.
  13. BAN for using CTRL button?

    Stalking..... It's a video game. Calm down. If you are truly this upset from the action in a video game, you might want to consider seeking professional help yourself. Maybe stop playing for a few months, it will do you some good. You sound nuts right now, take a step back. I wish you good luck, Seriously stalking in game, I can't stop laughing. What's next? calling PETA on players for animal cruelty in a game? =D Maybe we should all stop killing monsters.
  14. Being fair and not taking sides

    How was it unfair? please explain. Did you have a stage 3 weapon you wanted downgraded and they said no? Only other stage 3 weapon was peppinio, and he didn't want to downgrade it. Edit: also I have screenshots of nova pressuring Ashura members to send the petitions.