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  1. You don't know how to read apparently.....I didn't waste them I used them to launch myself to 45 at which point I had PLENTY of SP so THERE is NO way YOU need MORE sp. I get two dimensional items a day plus keys to kill the bosses. Its called taking advantage of the system and not whining about things that aren't even broken like you are.
  2. How about for the people that do pay.......we give them real Adena rates? There is nothing in the store that can help the crappy economy. Maybe NC should sell Adena so we have a legit way to get some
  3. SP is based on XP gained and it's fine. Using a TON of 1 mil XP scrolls....and not getting any SP I am level 45 and just ran out of SP. So now I actually have to play the game and grind for my SP. You just want things for free....GL
  4. Stay in Aden....hunt around Aden....do the Aden quests. Never really move far from one spot unless you out level everything in the area.
  5. I'm level 42...done AI every day have all my skills I need. I might run out around 45? Are you wasting skill points on things you dont need just because its a button to click? This is a non issue. Play the game it was meant to be played.Grind for hours on end forever
  6. Yes the right approach is to not get scammed. Truth is no one cares about you so take care of yourself. No one is going to do you any favors and if they "replace" an item for you....well I can cry that I was "scammed" of my top C grade weapon that i totally 100% had.....you should believe me because people don't lie and then they have to replace everyones top everything ever. Not going to happen.
  7. Add free teleport lvl 41+ to VIP...actually give us something useful for supporting the game!
  8. way more then you have if you are asking this question. Worth it to the single player? NO. Worth it to the clan and leveling up the clan YES.
  9. stay at 40.....CLASSIC L2 FTW!!!!.....I guess no one understands my sarcasm but its just that. Most people will sit at 40 in D grade gear because the wall is too big.
  10. FYI @ 40 spiders die in one hit......sooooo do spider quest in 2.5 minutes..... /unstuck......do 35 AI quest get 3 scrolls. If you level past 41....downlevel no problem. OMG BEAT CLASSIC. WIN! Until your ready which willl be a bit
  11. On Giran today there is a queue....for VIP 4! How dare they! (I am joking) It is a small queue but I was so surprised
  12. sxsilver


    Ignoring what you want to buy or sell.....the community wants to buy thing for less than what you can vendor items for but sell thing for more........I bought a Reinforced Bow because five ( not 1,2 ,3....5) people wouldn't sell me the bow for less than what the vendor at Giran would sell for. I pick up pieces while grinding and I look and I say ok I can vendor this item for 25K.....so I'll offer it up for 30K to players because it sells on the vendor for 62K!!!!! No takers....cant do it........ So I screw the economy by just selling out to NPC vendors and this includes material items. Su
  13. Why white? Why not green or even light blue? The easier and quicker you can kill the better.Unless your just OP as all get out and can mow down whites with two hits. Also with all the XP we get it causes you to level too fast and not get enough money to upgrade gear. Luckily theres a quest for armor at 25 in Gludio that you should 100% do and then you just need to focus on your weapon From what I've seen anything -1 to -5 levels below you are good. The Adena drops are good now for any mobs. Once you go -6 to -10 they are light blue and you start losing drops/xp so it just depends on your
  14. Spider quest is still very viable. Grinding mobs is now about the same BUT depending on what you grind you have more (very tiny) chances to get some nice gear to sell to other players. The best thing to do is find mobs you can just mow through but are preferably green but light blue works as well and just grind for hours. The faster you kill and the less you have to rest the better. 100% not telling you my spot because not many people go and that is what makes it good! Please stay in places like Orc Barracks where everyone goes
  15. yes you need to buy VIP for all accounts which is why they probably won't "limit" anyone to one account......why not make you pay for all of them. Buff bots for everyone woot woot! However what you can do is log in and then create a store selling one item ridiculously high in price to stay logged in and never log out until the weekly maintenance kicks you out. Working the system.
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