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  1. Cash Shop Update

    Can you give us an indication when you will be updating the cash shop? I have money burning a hole in my pocket and I'm itching to buy some cash shop items so I can two shot everyone. Thanks.
  2. These are classic x1 rates you're comparing the original to (e.g. normal rates for other classic servers). I thought this version had an increased XP requirement or mobs are giving 70% XP of what they do on x1 servers?
  3. Adena Rates Still Not Right

    Its not the same game as it was originally. Original game didn't have cash shop, it was p2w.
  4. p2w is p2w

    What you said about Chronos will be true of Giran, Talking Island and Aden soon. Give it six months and you'll be 1 shot fodder for cash shop heroes once they put the real stuff they have planned in there. It is the same business plan, fp2 server with cash shop. This will only turn out one way.
  5. L2 Classic = Hardcore Mode ?

    Not sure yet, still working on a plan.
  6. L2 Classic = Hardcore Mode ?

    Are you planning to go spoil / gather all the materials yourself for your C grade crafts?

    Yes, and oranges are the best apples. Any NEW classic servers that you could compare this to perhaps? Even BLESS ONLINE had 27k+ players when it opened and now struggles to keep 1k online.
  8. The Great Wall

    I've said it in other threads, when you throttle spoil rates to 25% and drop rates to 25%, you will need a MASSIVE player base to sustain a proper Lineage 2 economy.
  9. L2 Classic = Hardcore Mode ?

    Who's buying your D shots? I see streamers still buying packs of NG shots from in game store. I'm glad that your NG grade industry is working for you and it is players like you that can find a niche and make the game work. Unfortunately, I cannot see you sustaining this process through D grade and C grade. What happens when the server matures a bit and market is for Top D, or even C grade items? Check the spoil rates of materials and the drop / spoil rates of key parts for those items from the x1 rate wiki then apply the spoil reduction and drop rate reduction that this server has and tell me how that will be working out not just for you but for the economy as a whole. When you adjust the spoil rates to something seemingly 10% of original, but lets be generous and say 25%, and the drop rates too how will a massive integral part (gather, craft, enchant, fail and destroy) of the game work? You're getting 75% less crafting right off the bat with a 75% drop and spoil reduction. This system can only work with a MASSIVE base of players. It works now at No Grade because a) the server is over run right now (ques!) and b) No Grade drops /spoil are the highest. This server will either need a ton of bots or... a cash shop update (probably both tbh)... to sustain it. Either way, I cannot see it being worth the time for a legitimate player. There's better implementations of classic to play.
  10. Well, I have the weekend off work and planned to play all weekend but I've put down the game for now. Thankfully I haven't spent any money on it like I had planned. I'm kind of a casual. I do play 8+ hours a day sometimes (I actually enjoy the grind if its rewarding - I'll happily take a BH out and spoil for hours if there's anything to spoil) but I do have a work schedule and I'm not CP minded. I'm happy to put the time in and grind away (I think the XP curve seems fine here tbh) but I'm not enjoying repeating spider quests and I don't find any enjoyment in hunting without soul shots - for little gain. I can imagine I'm a middle of the road L2 player and that the majority of players trying this version out are too. What I have observed are people that are making the game in its current state work and they are mainly CPs (AoE parties) that have come from other servers. I think they have something to prove to other clans from other servers re-rolling here so they are motivated to keep going for that alone. Or, they are here to enjoy some low level PvP away from their dead farming servers. Whatever the reason, I'm glad that the game is playable for them but I do believe that they are the only ones who have reason right now to put up with the blatant issues in this implementation and continue playing. This isn't about not liking hardcore or whatever someone's definition of this Frankenstein's version this is, its about valuing ones time and not getting reeled in by a blatantly purposefully inconvenient version of the game. I already had severe apprehensions about the cash shop and now that we are discovering mismatching/doctored adena, drop and spoil rates, I've decided to cut my losses and not waste any more time on the game in its current state. I firmly believe that the majority of players will be thinking exactly the same come the end of next week - and that will be too late for NCWest to turn things around.
  11. Out of Soulshots

    Yes, but best way to level right now is to find a party.
  12. Steady with the hyperbole there pal. Hopefully you paid via credit card and just do a reversal if you bought packs under a misapprehension.
  13. Spoil Rates are Lower or bugged

    Please refer to Adena drop, item, material drop and even spoil rates are severely adjusted in our version here. In Maya's test, she successfully spoiled around 13% coal on Skelth server (original x1 rate server) and didn't manage to get one on this server from spoiling same number of mobs (30). Even if she had got just 1 coal from those 30 mobs that would put this server's rate at 3% in comparison to the regular "classic" spoil rate of 13%. I don't think spoiling is rewarding with what we have right now.
  14. Out of Soulshots

    Everyone has this problem. Adena rates are throttled (to something like 25%), to control adena selling and inflation I presume, but the store prices are for 100% of cost price. Hence, you cannot afford to buy shots with the adena you make from XPing unless you XP with no shots (which isn't very fun) - or you're in a mage AoE party or similar.
  15. Tyrant - heavy or light

    As far as the Moon Armour (free D grade) is concerned you get extra P attack vs extra P def in light vs heavy, so the choice is yours. Normally, I see Tyrants in light as they are normally specced to be high DPS cannons.