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  1. @Juji hello not a fan of this update I got my dyes put in wh no adena in wh and lost my dye bonus whats up sir this is a fail
  2. Crazy I work 4am till 9pm and I got all my rewards bro
  3. @Sunshine how is it the pet monster spawns and gets farmed by bots can we make it easier to get a pet please as I have only gotten sin eaters all the time.... can you look into it please
  4. @Juji @Hime @Sunshine. Hint most of us work at 2pm just make it simple like live . Make it good for us all
  5. And not for nothing she said when servers meaning aden or all servers if case is all servers I think yall should just pay cash 10 usd a day till you all have it fixed......
  6. Ya so the compensation pack i take it is not comming @Sunshinenot much lag and working better but yall forgot the things that we couldn't use to the full extent and wasted money on a service that we didn't get and your support said oh well you used it but the fact couldn't use it to the full extent would like to know why... Why tell us something and not do anything
  7. Okay your not understanding this topic let me explainebetter a person goes pk your toon Ok you die he turns red you ha eto pay to restore your own weapon so that fair.... Number two. Red toons should drop items if they are red and die to mob or not thats what it should be ...
  8. I agree with you bu/the server just overall sucks and can't type while im in truck working on unevenroads... but thanks for that opinion and out look as well
  9. Why should we have to restore somthing lost by others going red on us
  10. I have spent a lot on ncoin for this server to try and use the items to their full potential and am unable to do so because I get pk lose my weapon from dieingor use items that run logged off instances that are suppose to be easy as solo... The fact is @Sunshine we need a response and to come together as a community. 1 thosethat spent a lot should be able to maybe get half refund to othertoonsor what not.. 2 have you all tried to do the following people die boot them likeliveservers items on ground dissappear after 2min.. 3 making it count can we do what you guys
  11. I have had that happen and I think if someone goes red dies they should lose or drop their stuff simple. .
  12. Man you definitely cry a lot on forms and it is annoying as hell @Sunshine and other know and are trying their best you need to chill out if I was a gm I would ban ya from your spams in forms about the same thing grow up if tired leave game wait and come back see if its up to your par... @sunshine Question how does one lose equipment due to someone else pk a toon but the toon not flagged loses items. .. ...
  13. Holy cow you people need some schooling jujitsu sunshine and the devil aretrying I have no problem lastnight and this morning for the most part I stopped using hp pots and im trying other things for the dc I still get those but its not the 10 toons to a pc its the fact they need to just ban the selling bots let's see what happens now in game after the next maintenance
  14. I lost a lot of sayhas blessing due to this lag and hp pots and my rune time because of downtime dc for no reason as well
  15. @Exee @Sunshinehow about for gm to log in game look at chat for those selling for rmt and ban ip and all we all know the rules of game and be fair about it..... its not all people but its the ones that always sell rmt and it makes it not fair bots as well check those out too. I run 5 on my pc cut it down to just 1 and still lag on hp pots my rune still messing up but i really think to help server ban ip toons that are rmt trading please thanks for reading hope yall have a good weekend
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