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  1. so whats this about any more info with this stuff
  2. how about making the rates a little better on events we all blow money on to try and get ........ your rates are really just trash and suckssssssss higher lvl toons can farm the adena a lot to get to where they can do ncoin but those not geared enough to farm adena cant get anywhere unless they have 5 to 600 dollars to spend and its kinda just useless for those types of people to get lucky at events unlike the others that just pop out the goods you guys need to help low lvl get better gear to be able to farm or open an adena farming spot again like pp for ex. @Hime
  3. i am reading i do know this they can make new toon and the obvious is that they should open them transfers or make new toons simple you seem to be ignorant as well so ill leave it at that ........but i do agree we most agree keep it as is and open server transfers simple
  4. you all cry about swords but yall got them tonight and bullying low levels of the game humm foot in mouth please stop trying players that have a bad time frame go to naia and play simple play or delete toon easy if you have to exploite game to win aka bob ms maga then go .......................................
  5. oh and besides didnt hime say some thing like (Please adjust your schedule accordingly! ) this.... Hime Sr Community Manager L2 Team 1025 734 posts Report post Posted Friday at 10:10 PM Hello Adventurers, Daylight Savings is ending on Sunday, November 1. We will be falling back 1 hour. As a reminder, scheduled game activities are by server time. Please adjust your schedule accordingly!
  6. you all are acting like children like please go to your own timezone naia and play simple if its because you guys cant handle the pain from naia you came here well deal with it this form / post in asking to move it swords are crazy on the est i have a life and kids i take care of but i still make it to swords and play so shush
  7. so as to talk on this again this is absurd buff king and all the ones that have to cheat to win trying to make it fair for them lets be clear on this subject you are a poor sportsmanship playing people. you talk a lot of trash to others bring in how mental somebody is and downgrade people but yet demand respect from others. funny thing is you can and should go to naia and if the times aren't convincing for you then why was it you guys showed up hours just before and talking crap and glitching it out to have it drop why do you guys try to push it away in time for a better chance on bullying mor
  8. so eu players are crying on the time zone lmao this is great eu players should go to eu server times and end their drama. as for time zones if you are on a server that is not your timezone go to your server core or live just stop crying all the time Scoobz, buff, rollo yall should take that into matter please stop your crying just saying yall always talk so much and bullie people just take a look into it now thank peace with chicken grease
  9. i remember gm use to log into game.... be nice and now it seems they want your money they full of greed no buff for this. what happened you guys love our money but dont want to make it right from your screw ups. please this dandy and dragon buff is like laughing at us... what if we stopped paying n coin from you then really think of it
  10. this just crazy how much i and others put into your game and how unsatisfied i am at the lagg for melee lag for a server how about reroll to the back of the day pay per account to play? this is so ignorant to keep us from the xp event to try to catch the others in higher lvl. i wonder if yall just love our money so much that your ignoring how your really losing players in your game? please give us some stuff like core servers seems how they always have more and you guys are just hungry for our hard earned money from the us... gm buffs for a 72 hour or gm buffs for the whole week comm
  11. when oly is started we should have it so their can be no alts joining them as a feeder to see who really gets hero as to this helping the lag in the server that is created by logging alts as a way for these people that abuse this alt joining would be nice and i know as a low lvl toon would be nice to see something to benefit the lag issue in oly time and many more
  12. the event you guys got is a joke because you have to have top gear to do them and my toon cant get good things from it just the frags. but its a game i under stand im just saying can we make it more equall for a change on low lvl toons. something to help out low geared people to help them get out of exhaulted gear
  13. what is so unfair dive the fact that you want to bullies afk people in a war just to shout their down when there afk or the fact that your just mad bc you cant fight your own war with people same gear... so food for thought dude go dark please and then stop your crying.
  14. dive says watch your mouth with glass jaw sounds like a threat but deep down biggest teddy bear ever that just try's to stick up for ms cheating humm and funny thing is they got caught cheating and thats on them. second its not a fault for 14 man clans your mad bc they are pro pve and they just help keep the bullying down from lb ms so go dark castle and stop crying please your nonsense and others that follow the ignorant guy please do yourself a favor and just stop trying to sound right they dont want you in clan simple as that no toxic people in propve no toxic people at all so please stop w
  15. For one if we were all told to remove this jump way back and others dont listen and reuse the jump thinking thats okay? im just wondering as to is this the right thing to do or should it be perma bc they were told along with all of us to remove this. second thing is not listening and still exploits. could this be why people have left game because of people cheating and could this be why people need to be punished for their actions a lot longer than 3 days im just ranting but bye!!XD
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