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  1. There is no quest.. Energy of Destruction is the old Ether. You can only get it from Packs which you can buy from other players that get from events like the current Nightwish boxes can give you 100 packs of Energy of Destruction so shout WTB EOD and pay the price.
  2. Draecke, I've literally said it 1000 times.. they don't care about us. They say "Oh hey lets charge these prices 25-50% more than last time if they pay it will be new trend" and we need the items so we pay it and it just goes up and up and up. While other regions don't have to pay for the items they are still in game to get we are the only region that has to pay. We are the ONLY region going on 300+ days with lag while other regions are less than 60 days with lag according to @Juji but they haven't fixed it for us and give us no compensation for it while lag continues to happen. Mixa
  3. This issue has been going on since Aug 2019, look on the forum and see 1 million threads around and you just make 1 million and 1 threads..
  4. Mixa, How long did the other regions have them WITHOUT Elcyum and we haven't had that option or even WITH Elcyum. That is the point other regions get all this stuff we don't without spending money. Then when they do offer for spending money its insane prices, when every other region gets them for in game cost and not real life money. They had the ability to buy from mammon without Elcyum cost for what 1+ year?
  5. Instead of making a YouTube video where you move your mouse over all your macro's why not actually post your macro's here and explain what they do. Your making a tutorial for people that don't know how to macro but you expect them to know what your macro does? Why not explain how to make a macro and what its function is instead of mousing over a bunch of macro's that won't make sense for the people your making them for? You did good at making a video.. but you did nothing to explain it and then get upset you didn't get high praise? You did 1/4 the work finish it and then expect praise in r
  6. This is a 5+ month old topic, you should know by now they don't know, they don't care, and they won't answer you!
  7. Sly, Have you learned nothing for being server hated for 10+ years back on Devianne? You come in here being back to the game for what less than a month and you already telling other people how it is. There ACTUALLY is a mana issue if you are more than 3 levels higher/lower and it is fixed by breaking the party and reforming. It is a known issue for MONTHS just like the melee lag since Aug 2019. Dude I thought you would have grown up a little bit and stopped being so know it all, but I guess you haven't changed much. Talked to LadyKit other day seen some old timers like me and phairne
  8. Said I wasn't going to, but I did spent $200 and got Authority Ring which was worth 40b+ on Chronos but by about 4pm CST it was worth 22b. People drop prices so fast to sell things fast and all they do is short themselves and everyone else. I got maybe 20b worth for the ring and that's it. Gem Energy people trying to buy for 200m, prices dropping faster than anything I've seen before its crazy.
  9. Honestly I'm around ready to deal with the lag playing on EU from US. I'm on my last straw.. literally
  10. Superior Giant's Codex Rare item needed for +1~+10 skill enchantment after Awakening. 50 Superior Giant's Codex Chapter 1 Rare item needed for enchanting skills between + 11~+ 20 after Awakening. 30 Superior Giant's Codex - Mastery Rare item needed for +1~+10 blessed skill enchantment after Awakening. 30 So your telling me Normal 1-10 skill book is MORE expensive than 11-20? or BLESSED
  11. THEY stated their macro system is broke, and instead of fixing it they made that change. Doesn't make it right the game for more than 1/2 of its existence was drop while red it was a gamble if you would lose something for pking someone. It made being red a risk/thrill for some, since they couldn't' figure out how to fix macroing without risking people going red they did the easy out and make PKing someone have no risk why everyone just pks everyone for no reason and bullies people day in day out making a toxic game for people to play.
  12. When have you EVER known @Hime or @Juji to EVER give us important answers, fix issues, or do customer service like it should be? Don't hold your breathe they haven't fixed melee lag in 11 months, broken events 100% of the time. They Extend events because they are broke and even while events are extended they are STILL broke. So again don't hold your breathe cause NC Korea doesn't care and NC West sure as bleep doesn't care.
  13. in past 48 hours I've opened 200+ boxes and gotten 90% Coin 9% adena and 1 Eternal Leather Glove. Before server reset I was getting Nevit pots, Emporer Cocktails, Freya Roses, Honey Beer, Dragon Pots.. I was getting so many different things. But they "EXTENDED" the event because it wasn't dropping in certain areas the whole event.. Now with it extended its not dropping all items its suppose to.. So no matter what we are SCREWED and not getting anything that we are supposed to on top of the joke of all events every event compared to all other regions... NA Server the joke of the world...
  14. It's always great to know we aren't equal to any other region's events. We get shafted over and over and over, Korea, EU, RU all have TONS of Greater Jewls, Level 5 Jewls, Dragon Weapons, and so much more. We have such a limit quantity because we don't get 1/10 of the events they get. Thank you literally NC Soft for bleepING us everytime, EVERY bleepING DAY, of EVERY bleepING MINUTE. 10+ years of playing this game to be bleeped over constantly and all they can do is laugh at us for hoping one day they will see they treat us like shit compared to other regions. USA the land companies bleep
  15. SOO the boxes are pretty worthless because it gives coins that are useless, but since yesterday maintenance I've opened over 200 of them and gotten no buff pots just straight 160,000 or 240,000 adena or coins. SOOO not only are they/have they not been dropping in right places the WHOLE time now it seems the loot table isn't even working right because out of 200+ boxes I should have gotten something besides coins/adena. @Hime @Juji and you wonder why your customers are so upset? You 1/2 way fix one issue, and another part of the game is affected. YAY go NCSoft
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