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  1. Well I seem to be permanently banned for a reason they refuse to tell me... sigh... this is tragic
  2. Hm.. odd.. I've had two gm's tell me my ban is permanent. Sigh.. still waiting for them to respond to my actual appeal email though...
  3. Yeah the father and kids story is really tragic... poor guy is just trying to play a game with his kids... One of the messed up things here, is that most people who this has not happened to, will not believe us when we say we didn't cheat or do anything wrong, because they rightly think it would be insane for NC to ban people without reason... It's such an impossible situation. There's reason why we do "innocent until proven guilty" in the real world, and not this Orwellian nightmare system where you're guilty until you pass through a ridiculously slow appeal system which is nothing
  4. Aaaaand they locked my other post... https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/5885-psa-you-can-be-banned-while-following-all-the-rules/ Sigh... They're going to sweep this under the rug... Can't say I'm surprised.
  5. This seems to be a very common issue right now unfortunately. They have permanently banned my elven oracle (one of my three accounts). Dealing with support takes way too long, especially considering they are locking accounts that haven't violated any rules. I am a paying customer (VIP4 on 3 accounts, 8k/7k/6k VIP points) and it doesn't matter. They treat me like yesterdays garbage.
  6. Well I've seen you going hard against the other people like me, who claim they've been banned for no reason. Your response to my post is much nicer. Are you starting to suspect something is up? Or am I misreading your intentions and you're actually still a skeptic. Honestly man. I just want to play the game. That's it. I don't want to cheat. I would quit if it became apparent that botting was required to compete, rather than bot. I just want to rekindle the fun I had as a teenager and I've invested a lot to make that happen. I have no idea what they are referring to when t
  7. This is pretty tragic. I don't think it looks good either... One of my accounts was locked and they're telling me its permanent... Can't even believe how low NC has sunk since I last played L2.
  8. I can only speak for the bans I witnessed, which were always just when I played. Had I known they had unjustly banned thousands, I likely would not have invested so much into this game, although you say they were restored? I don't feel so hopeful in my case based on the two GM responses I've gotten. Also, before Friday, like a fool, I would be reluctant to believe those people were unjustly banned, because it just doesn't make sense that NC would do that. I know better now. tldr is the title of the post. If you're interested in more details, it's all there.
  9. @Hime @Juji Guys, I played Lineage 2 from 2004 to 2008. Every single ban I ever witnessed during this time period was well-deserved, and if anything, there were far too many cheaters being allowed to roam free. The people that I would see getting banned in the past, were always people who had been botting for months, many of which were running full 9-man trains and not even trying to hide the fact that they were blatantly cheating. When you hear people on the forums claiming they were banned for no apparent reason, I get it. You're applying Occam's razor as you should in most c
  10. One of the craziest parts of this is that before Friday I wouldn't have believed this story at all. I played L2 for years and never saw them banning people for no reason... But it happened to me... They've locked one out of three of my accounts for no apparent reason. I just got a response to the support ticket I sent on this account and GM Therun is telling me that the decision is final. I'm totally shocked. I only played a few hours a day, and controlled all my characters manually. Your story is pretty tragic. A father and his sons trying to do something simple like play a vi
  11. I don't think there's much hope. I got a response from the ticket I submitted on this account about my locked account, and they're claiming I was using third-party programs and saying the decision is final. I never used any damn third-party programs. All I ever wanted from this damn classic thing was to play legit like I did back in real classic. To rekindle some of that fun I had 14 years ago. I basically just spent $240+ to play Lineage for 10 days. I'm so angry at this company. This is totally insane. I trusted them... and they have screwed me royally. I'm in shock here. Although
  12. @Hime please investigate this... GM is saying my account was banned for third-party programs... I never used any third-party programs... My appeal request # is 22191358 Are you seriously banning people for no reason? Myself and others are quitting if this is the case. Can't justify playing a game where you get banned for no reason, and then accused of cheating to justify it, when you never cheated. This is absolutely absurd. And why only ban 1/3 of my accounts? This is obviously a MISTAKE. Come on guys!!! Fix this please!!!
  13. Hopefully @Hime and @Juji see some of these posts and can look into these situations for us... My request is # 22191358
  14. Well the way my setup works is my buffers don't really move so I wouldn't have noticed the move speed decrease.. Not sure what the other effects are... IN any case, I don't think I got the debuff, because I didn't notice it, but it's not impossible that I did is all I'm saying. Most of my attention was on my main when I was grinding last night. I was in a hectic area with a pretty fast respawn rate full of aggro mobs. All I do on the supports is alt-tab, quickly click a macro, then alt-tab back to the main. There's no time to really look at everything closely, things are hectic. I spent a
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