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  1. I haven't really heard what would convince me otherwise. I thought I might hear "Elven Ruins was nothing. Wait till AC, there's a high level patrol that will wipe out your party if you aren't careful, and the magicians need to be silenced or engaged in melee, or they will destroy your healers." Take Oasis in EQ. Seemingly an easy outdoor area, but there are roaming mummies that can give you rabies (you can't heal), sand giants that will destroy you instantly, and a dangerous crocodile named Lockjaw. Although this is one of the easiest areas in the game, it's still not easy. I don't expect EQ (
  2. Hmm. Doesn't sound good. It's like logging in the party finder and punching your card then, is it? No discussion of tactics in group? Rest breaks? Complex crowd control? Someone mentioned assisting, that's good. I remember in Wrath of the Lich King assisting a tank became somewhat uncommon. But I have seen mobs dying very quickly in L2, and the fact that AOE seems to be so common is not a good sign. In most good MMORPGs I've played with groups an AOE party was very difficult, requiring very skilled players and specific classes.
  3. Well I'm level 21. I'm not going to wait any longer. I have gone through AC, and looked at some of the parties, and it looked like groups of people running around madly AOEing mobs or anybody shooting anything in sight, and pulling it to the group, and whoever was around killing it. Is there strategy in these parties, or is it non-stop action?
  4. I have seen some players raving about the beauty of parties in Lineage 2, and that is what the game is all about. But when I played in Elven Ruins we were all running around in circles hitting anything we saw, as our health regeneration made it so that never rested at all (and couldn't, cause the mobs respawned soon). Are parties in this non-stop action, or are they strategic? I have played many of the party-based MMORPGs between 1999 and 2004, so I think I have a good frame of reference. From what I have seen the parties in World of Warcraft and Everquest II were more challenging than these.
  5. Ah a fellow got banned player. They banned me too. It's not "ultra difficult" though. Never was, certainly isn't now. Methinks you exaggerate a bit friend. 20,000 players aren't going to play a difficult game. But when the majority complain, NCSoft will change the game, they have shown us this. The adena rates are far too high, the death penalty a slap on the wrist, but eh what can we do? Get banned again? I have definitely tapered back my time in this game since their emergency patch. I have barely been playing at all, and as I likely won't keep up with other players now, may quit in the futu
  6. It was Shadowbane or Vanguard I remember that had no official forums. I don't see the sense in them. Every thread on here is negative, and represents only a vocal minority. Every time some hysteria comes over the mob, a gang of chatterboxes comes here and complains incessantly like a broken record with poor chains of reasoning all saying the same thing despite its incorrectness or inappropriateness. And then lo and behold... patch notes come out immediately saying changes are being considered. That is a one way path to a crappy game. If you guys (NCSoft) want some help to design a good MMORPG,
  7. Then they don't "need" to do anything. You came to this game to speak, not to play. You are here for people, not the game. That is why they should not listen to your kind. I don't know what possessed them to consider this. Every single man asking for it is a fool, who couldn't design his way out of a paper bag. This is why all commercial MMORPGs are BAD. Design should be dictated by a designer, and unchallengeable. The peanut gallery should not have a voice...Grrr...I went through this crap so many years ago with World of Warcraft and League of Legends... I won't go through it again here... If
  8. Leave the game trash man. We don't think you'll do anything. You whining dogs are flooding these forums with your high pitched voices, but the server status still shows the same numbers... the queues are still the same... god... this game is a nightmare. This forum is FLOODED with feminine men whining about gold rates. It's probably the saddest sight that I've ever seen in my life, and makes me disgusted to play this game. NCSoft should have done like Wolfpack or Sigil did with Shadowbane or Vanguard and not had forums at all. This is just sad. Are there truly human beings that crawl on their
  9. To my mind the strength of Lineage 2 is a solo game.
  10. Well the first MMORPG (as part of a consecutive sequence) was in 1995. They became easier and simpler with every year. So yeah by 2003 games were pretty easy. This is some serious nostalgia you have here. This server is passable for a classic game, but the mob is threatening to ruin it. The change from 10% experience loss to 4% will be painful. If they raise the rates of adena to how they were then the players that are paying will be earning a few times as much. Also when I used to play Lineage 2 (sometime between 2004 and 2007) I never joined parties, don't now either. From what I saw in Elve
  11. Yes exactly. Nothing these whiners say makes sense. They want more money. They'll use any excuse they can find to justify it. It's useless to point it out to them, though we shouldn't stop doing it (we have to fight against them too, NCSoft is already listening to their whining and considering changes), cause that's what whiners do... they whine. It's disgraceful when you think about it, complaining and asking a company to make their game easier, cause they're such weaklings. But game players have done this a long time... look at Final Fantasy IV and its "easy type" in 1991. Too many words, to
  12. Even supposing I had a computer powerful enough to do it, I would not play two characters at once in this game. I think the only time I ever did this was in World of Warcraft, and I started in Wrath of the Lich King, to get items for my low level characters (for battlegrounds domination) that were impossible with one account (and they let me divide my high level characters among three accounts at a cost). And I did it a few times in groups, high and low level, for a serious challenge, but people noticed and I was young too. Overall looking back it was tacky and tasteless. Seeing 1 out of 5 pla
  13. I've yet to find a way of absolute certainty to identify a bot. This video confirms my suspicion that players are reporting bots without absolute certainty, and thus the effect of the tool is diminished. I would think it is very hard to identify a bot, unless you are sending them private messages (can you do that?) and asking them to answer if they are, after seeing suspicious activity. For instance in the video with the player moving back and forth between the mobs, she could just be doing that for fun and as a game. It is unlikely sure, but botting is a heavy accusation, with serious punishm
  14. All you're doing is whining. If you paid them money you would have a rate near that. On the other hand if they increased the rates people who did pay them money would have a rate higher than that. You don't like old games...can't conceive of a game that is challenging...are small-minded and weak...go play a bad MMORPG...it's disgraceful to be here whining that a game from this century is too challenging. Good god.
  15. Level 40 people? Methinks you leveled a bit too fast man. Quit the hysteria. And please do leave. I've barely seen the player numbers drop at all. And if there is a mass exodus, that's just what it is... the masses. If the masses liked classic servers there wouldn't be a dozen expansion packs for every major MMORPG. And if you came here looking for an authentic classic experience, you made a mistake, NCSoft made it clear from the beginning it was not such.
  16. You're asking for more adena and experience. Your post is null. NCSoft never said they were emulating an exact period. Their choice, their rules, their game. Stop making excuses. There are always scum on classic server forums asking the game to be made easier. It's always the same song and dance, he'll quit, she'll quit, server will die, etc. They always have some altruistic reason why they should get more gold and experience, the health of the server, the authenticity of the experience, etc.
  17. See this is the kind of player we need to remove from these forums and this server at all costs. Above all we should not listen to anything that he says. This is the kind of player that is asking for the game to be made easier, and here he is disparaging a player who's level 21 and has 100k adena after a week of play, calling him poor. This is the company that these complainers keep, and shows their overall lack of judgment. If you let players like this change your game NCSoft they'll drive it into the ground.
  18. Yes the game is not very challenging at all. I need to encourage NCSoft to make it more challenging. And we need to shed these bad apples somehow, or they'll spoil the bunch.
  19. Ah I see it makes sense if you get more gold and experience. As I said go away, go play another game. Stop trying to ruin one of the only classic MMORPG servers on the Internet. I often see players on the server selling items worth more than 300k adena, after only ONE WEEK OF PLAY. You better look at spoiler sites more and work your calculator faster, you're not keeping up with the pack. I think I speak for the rest of the players in game enjoying themselves when I say shut up and go away. We don't believe you'll quit anyway. You're just tooting your horn on the Internet. But if you should lea
  20. I'm so sick and tired of people asking NCSoft to make the game easier! This is a classic server. Go away if it's too hard for you. You are not wanted here.
  21. I am in game, but I was so horrified by the posts here that I felt it was my duty to speak up for those of us enjoying the game. I've never seen a more negative or misrepresentative place for a game than these forums right now. I am having the time of my life in L2... I haven't had this much fun in an MMORPG in a long while. And already the throng is trying to ruin the game with their nonsense. The truth is the number of players on the classic server is unnatural now. NCSoft is within their right to design the game any way they want, and for someone who truly wishes play on a classic server th
  22. By the way from what I've seen of L2 Classic so far it needs all the challenge it can get. They make it ten times as hard and I won't complain. Time for these soft-boiled eggs to set sail as far I'm concerned.
  23. Slandering a company on their own forums. I'm waiting for the day when you blowhards pack up and hit the road. I wouldn't mind shorter queue times, and I am convinced that the best thing that a classic server can do is to shed its whiners as soon as possible and reach a normalized state of players. This kind of scum can only be maintained with constant changes, expansion packs, etc. They're not here for the game, they're here to play with lots of players, play unfairly, look at spoiler sites, etc. Not here for a challenge? A hundred MMORPGs for you right that way --->
  24. Sounds like you don't cut it in classic L2. You are a "surplus" player then...and I for one am happy to cut you loose... those 500 man queues are a killer. Fact is no one has any hard data what the experience, etc. was in 2004, not that it would matter, they'd just find another excuse to have the game made easier if they did, and also NCSoft never said this was exactly like any certain version of Lineage 2, nor should we care, and if it is harder than the EU that is a good thing, not a bad thing. NA players have a reputation for being weak...like you. Go away, I say, go away,
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