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  1. Fooz? LUL

    VNCarpet, QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ, ImTheCarpeted and TheRealCarpet could move all of their CPs to Chronos.. wouldnt make nova any better.. they are carpets too
  2. Fooz? LUL

    Sadly, you are right.. we didnt go +100 with that zerg.. we went +225 last siege Zureil asked Truffle if we would ever consider playing with you on merge and we laughed and said please god no we hope nova takes them.. So no.. you were a thought of Zureils and shot down by your daddy before it could ever be considered. We couldnt be happier killing you everyday so that you make novel posts like this every day Also, what did we fail to do at siege? We own a castle we cant crest Aden, we went for PvP.. you know that thing you guys dont do? Or do you still not understand the game mechanics? Or your clan was wiped for 1.5 hours and you could only find 3 minutes worth of okay footage that included you coming from town after dying and using recovery scrolls to then dying in your video... But you guys own right!!!! Our pt never wiped..... in your castle..... not once for 2 hours..... whyd you wipe? Your clan doesnt detag? Looool: https://gyazo.com/72f3ae6f904e2bb77d30061c918468c6 LooooooooL: https://gyazo.com/ee9aea0e27df5941cb955251f7c3fa71 LOOOOOOOOL: https://gyazo.com/7f1b8791cfb550450187b6458684548d #ValakasRemembers I think nova has 10 active people for 13 days then 70 on the 14th then back to 10 for 13 days.. it would make sense why you guys dont leave town... ever..
  3. @Fooz No troll here are some genuine thoughts, tips, just helpful: 1. Using clan exclusion on a siege field we are not signed does nothing. Feather still works through it and we cannot res if we are not signed and have no flag. Watching you use that on Rown is a clear indicator on your knowledge of the video game, or lack there of. 2. You managed to find 3 total minutes of a 120 minute siege where your group didnt insta-carpet and you werent even the one doing most of the kills @Pope with half your gear put on a show.. How come? 3. I am not sure if you understand what "Holy My Pocket" means.. Its prison slang for when bubba wants one of the sissy inmates to be his gf.. theres also a darker side where if bubba turns out an unwilling inmate he will make them hold his pocket.. So either you are professing your love for Nuky or you are wanting to bleep her.. either way neither are really an insult just a bit of sick humor from you.. Though I wouldnt put it past you.. hows SweetCandy? did she call your local law enforcement for harassing a minor yet? You are too ez..
  4. Chronos Siege MS vs Nova

    @Shooooooook You must be losing your ass with all these keyboard insults Suck in-game, suck in life.. c'est la vie!
  5. Chronos Siege MS vs Nova

    you have been posting alot the last 24 hours.... maybe Kayo was actually you and not RDS.. It was nice to see someone that could kind of play tryin to help nova but you were on the ground the whole time
  6. born (hth) 1 shot for 4 million

    @Fooz why dont you ever read clan chat bro?? @Draecke clan chat drama? best part of this screenshot
  7. 7 vs 7 Nova MS killling in one Fooz

    @Fooz Why would I ever cry? You have been a bottom feeder since the day I met you.. 3 years later, I am still on top of you.. no lube... just hard pushin.. if anyone is crying its you The last time you ever thought about 1v1ing me : https://gyazo.com/9c6051e07a7c0e36301872d68424cd14 "Boom headshot" Hows gainak lookin from the center? https://gyazo.com/fc3f1fbbe6e1e8ffa47a8b89f8056c71 ez 1 shot gf snowflake bot
  8. 7 vs 7 Nova MS killling in one Fooz

    @Fooz You guys sure tried to prevent us from getting it and then tried to give it to propve twice before realizing you werent ever going to take a castle from us #Truths
  9. 7 vs 7 Nova MS killling in one Fooz

    @Fooz The same as your failed attempts at taking goddard.. Whats your excuse for having all that gear and losing to sniffos non dark 103 nuker? #RealQuestions
  10. 7 vs 7 Nova MS killling in one Fooz

    @Fooz So your response to your embarassing siege performance is posting a 15 sec clip of you killing rown and then not knowing what to do after? lol poor snowflake
  11. Chronos Siege MS vs Nova

    @doomcaster war went from -2011 to -1876 and we defended your castle for you. You should be paying us a tax for the defense, you guys were nowhere to be found in the castle.. im not even sure I saw you there, perhaps perma carpet? How can nova lose aden we own a castle too? #carpetcaster logic
  12. HI CHICKEN PR-1ncess77

    @Ferine Okay, I admit.. FocalPoint is #1 MS bot... clicks into everything with script.. We are running zRanger, there is a new version but you have to pay a lot for it that gives you unrestricted script access and its approved by GMs ask @Conguero hell verify. They are rigging L2 now so that nova cant win.. next @Neutron is getting rid of the castle regen and making topaz/kelbim topaz not work during siege so we can simply run in with angels and iss CS and take the castle.. We are the #1 cheaters but we are backed by NC West!
  13. 7 vs 7 Nova MS killling in one Fooz

    @Fooz Posting on a month+ old thread about one of few pvps you won vs MS with african setup because we dont run from pvp like you Nice siege.. did you live more than 10minutes total? Sad we missed 2 top groups
  14. Latest Renocarpets

    Mad that you are not as well off as someone you consider to be younger ....I would be
  15. Latest Renocarpets

    You emo kids could petition for it to not be 1 CC and we can compete PvE vs PvE... im sure any of our PvE toons even without truffle can solo a dragon faster than your entire ally could kill it. But you nerds emoed about competition at dragons and wanted the random click and now cant win it so now you are emoing over us beating all of you in pvp and pve.. Whats left? Who says we dont want competition? We just happen to dominate at all ends.
  16. Latest Renocarpets

    sounds like a lot of tears to me.
  17. Latest Renocarpets

    Read what I wrote, they are grouping with nova allies and assisting them in field pvp. This is why they dont xp.. They were never told they couldnt xp for not attacking aden, you are just trolling at this point
  18. Latest Renocarpets

    Spread your false truths friend. Spread away.
  19. Latest Renocarpets

    @__SpOO__ Then dont assist Sunshine. @Candee sunshine's entire siege force dies in 1 aoe but I bet you can hold the castle even without nova help unless you are that poor of players.. its too easy to defend.. Ask nova, they tried once to get our castle for propve and never again.. And I am stopping a lot, tons have detagged, tons PR the moment im in range.. I am your daddy.
  20. Latest Renocarpets

    @__SpOO__ if the only thing you can do is altar and embryo, I have won. Thank you for admitting defeat. @Oeste When we were casting aden a few sieges back, sunshine came to interrupt us. This sunshine deal with nova has been growing over the last few months and as Aizen and I have said, whatever analogy you want to try and use. You are labeled by game mechanics, not just heresay, as an ally of Sunshine (APEX) so you will continue to be murdered on the battlefied. As for the "dont touch sun and only DR" I am finding someone who wants to flag on me and killing them so the party wipes and usually the rest of the mobs stop attacking or die by mobs. Its not an intentional avoidance. There have been many reverse cases where I did not atack DR but attacked another clan like sun to end the group. And as for pking, I only need to kill the healer and iss and the group will likely die in a few seconds so if the healer and iss are not sun... oh well.. the rest of you die anyway. #Winning #BlameFesto #MSOwnsTheServer #FindBetterAlliesIfYouWantToLeaveTown #WTSOutOfTownPasses1b/day
  21. Latest Renocarpets

    There is a curfew for all players who are in associated clans with nova. DR may not want to be associated with Nova and remain neutral, but they remain in the alliance with Sunshine who has full on allied Nova in all fronts. Core has even backed up SUnshine but other COre members say Sunshine is bleeping them over and they keep losing members over sunshines actions. As I say to all who are enforced by the curfew from Apex "Blame Festo". If you want to XP in peace and remain in DR or Core, you guys need to make your own alliance with other non-nova helping clans. And as you stated MS has a doors open policy.
  22. Rescue Rangers, level 11 Clan recruiting

    This clan is banned from xp no reason to join.