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  1. @KeepthePeace -- you lost before you accepted.. WTTAggroedWife is in TheFallen... Degus Maihanni and Epikka dont login.. so that leaves you :D

    @yoda -- trust me the server knows all about your lost cakes :D

    @Norbit -- You guys arent understanding the request, he is saying your whole clan must accept but your CP other than you and zu are detagged most days of the week.. :D.. Eclipses and Junkarigan


  2. 1. Where you're from: OH-IO

    2. Char name and class: THEN: jaGerX (SE lvl58), HavikX (Sagi lvl 78 / EE lvl 76) NOW iJager (SE/STS)

    3. Original server: Lionna > Bartz2.0 > Zaken > Chronos

    4. Level and % today: 105/105

    5. How many times did you quit and come back? Twice.. Interlude ~2007ish I quit until GoD in 2011 came back for fresh start on Bartz2.0 and quit in ~2014 until Zaken for another fresh start in 2015 and havent quit other than short breaks for work/vacation or something in life

  3. The price of the items also wouldnt be a concern if it was less RNG. Innova has brooch gems that can be bought from mammon and purchasing gems from their L2 Store allows players to pay a slightly higher price per gem but select the gems they want. This alone would be a major source of income for NCWest.. Players would be more inclined to buying 100 rubies than a 100 random pack. The return would be greater for you as well. Innova charges ~35 cents for a specific gem box instead of the 20 cents for a random box that it would average out to for the large random pack. The Euro is still currently a stronger currency than the USD as well so it doesnt make much sense.

    The 105 wall is also starting to really affect the player base that spends significantly on these p2w items. Zaken players a server that was shut down almost a year ago and was only introduced two years ago has a major player base that is 105. Chronos where we were merged to already had players quitting because they had been 105/105 for a year.

    We need things to do, the way the game is going is that people are quitting due to lack of things to do. They cannot progress their character anymore other than the new p2w items that are brought every couple months. So they login to spend money and then sit there and look at it. The only thing to do with it is PvP but that is dying in the game at a drastic rate. I am sure that if you ran stats against the specific items bought out of the store you would see a drop in daily, weekly, monthly rune purchases. And I would bet this is why the cost of the p2w items has been slowly rising. The first brooch gem event in ~2013/2014 was signficantly less for the top pack than the most recent flash sale. It used to be "what can $100 get me" because that was the top pack. Now the top packs are going for $150-200 each event. I am sure this is because your business analytics team found a drop an overall loss and it is likely traced to XP rune sales.

    To fix this wall it would simply be to apply the patch that Korea has with the new XP tables... Even without the most recent zone additions from Korea we could level to 107 with the zones that we have. Superion and Shadow of the MOther Tree ares meant to deliver good xp till 107. 

    Even more concerning is going to be income for clans and players when we finally get the water dragon patch that korea just got. Anakim and Lilith are 110 level raids and we will no longer be able to do those here in NCWest. So why not give us the proper XP table.

    The argument for not giving us the Korean XP table the first time was something along the lines of "Korean Lineage 2 received this because there was a lack of hunting zones to progress past 105" but the XP table was never reverted back when they got the new zones which by the way are the zones we have today. The second argument after that was quickly disproven was that you all did not want to dismember the community by creating an even greater gap in levels from the F2P players. Well since that argument it has been just over a year, there have been a years worth of every other month XP boost events and more new zones. With a 7 day 200% XP rune you can get a new toon to 103 within a few days.. If you have people to help you level you can get to 105 in 1 month of XP with boosts and instances. So how is this still an argument that you are bringing to light. The "dedicated player base" as you call it is shrinking because you are not doing anything with the game other than adding items to the store for them to have to purchase to stay on top but then not do anything with. 

    What seems very apparent is that the staff running lineage 2 is being repurposed elsewhere and furthering the decline of NCWest. You posted that poll in January and we are now in April and this is our first response. The response also is quiet vague and thanks for your input, changes are coming but sit tight. Its almost as if NCWest is practicing a presidential campaign.

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  4. @Shooooooook

    "Come fight us in Aden" #Shook4118

    Gets wrekt.. makes excuses..

    You could fight us any other day of the week when we ask for:

    • 7v7
    • 14v14
    • 21v21
    • 28v28
    • 7v14
    • 7v21
    • 7v28

    The only pvp you guys attempt to do vs us is in Aden on normal siege inside the castle walls with MP regen..

    Dim siege you dont even waste your time lol last siege you came once and couldnt get past the doors..

  5. 5 hours ago, Pr1nce77 said:

    O.o another Bom, youbeat me once in oly with borrowed gear and you are proud about it ?  Go to your cave random. 

    Its not like you lost by a couple thousand.. you lost by 1/2.. lol

    And "borrowed" gear but you always have these items in oly and when you beat me by 10k damage and I have half items.. this just shows you how bad you are when even playing field :D

  6. On 3/20/2018 at 3:53 PM, Fooz said:

    Supposedly we were "going to lose aden" since last february... It's clear now! Los Banditos is going to be the turning point for MS. One of 4-6 clans you swallowed in the last 9 months right? xD

    You have only been seiging on Chronos since last September... You were losing Zaken with an entire 100 person alliance to 1 cp last February... 

    Prior to that you were a nobody on Bartz...

    @Fooz hasnt seen a dragon since 2016... RIP


    Easiest pvp of my life...

    22 hours ago, Surgical said:

    Well said.

    Also, recruiting iJager was probably one of the worst ideas MS could have done, the kid single-handedly started to shit on clans that were in a good relationship with MS and were willing to fight against nova.

    MS used to be the protector from the bully that Nova was, MS became the bully that no one wants now, only because of a few shitty members who completely ruined any kind of relationships they had.

    @Surgical facts vs craps... MS has grown 3x since we/I joined... and quite of few of those CPs joined because of me recruiting them...

    We gave up some shitter crybabies like you that die to subpar players like @Fooz


    @TheWatcher this thread is like Russians bleeping with USA elections... You are attempting to cause a rift when the top CPs in MS see 0 value in Nova.. infact the 3 players that recently left Nova to join MS all said the same thing about the "leadership" in Nova and the fear that MS has put into their top players/CPs and why they refuse to pvp us...

    I will give Nova credit it seems that the finally straw was Rooster leaving.. they have done some sort of pvp almost everyday since he left.. but of course with the stipulation that Rown/Truffle cant come but they MUST be allowed to bring PiPi OUOUOUOU along with them...

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  7. You may have beat me in oly but... what happens in open world?


    Nova officer detagged?

    And yeah you might have went 103-105 in 10 days or something but that toon was purchased.. +10 shirt, a dozen agathians and giants aug weapons??

    Probably isnt flashed but a different archer hitch wasnt playing for the recent events..

    Yes this toon was made from thin air with event only items in 10 days :D

  8. 7 hours ago, Fooz said:

    Wondering if we can find details on NCWest being unable to "detect" adrenaline situation / doing nothing about it..  on the recent / future patch notes? before another cashgrab event possibly? 

    @Conguero @Neutron :D

    One day your snowflake ego will realize that its not adrenaline and you are just a shit tastic player..

    You were awful before you had gear or zR.. then you got some gear and zR and werent completely useless but still handless... zR went away and you RMTd your way into upper tier pvp and just proved that you still dont matter gear or not.. you have no hands worthwhile..

    Maybe... just maybe.. one day you will be like.. bleep I am just not good at the game and move on

  9. 3 hours ago, Whatif said:

    I have nothing to do with Nova. But i have very nice eye to distinguish automated game play versus manual click. 14 years experience and +20 passives  enables to do so. Do not even try to cover script abusers. It is in game now. If you know what is probability , you should know that  only 1 way to achieve 100% interuption of rebirth skills etc , and this this is code only.

    bad players be bad


  10. On 2/7/2018 at 11:17 PM, Draecke said:

    thanks for the clarification, funny that it was needed but hey while we're at it stating the obvious etc. can you provide us an official stance from NCWest on Adrenaline usage now that it's usage is increasing with no visible counter actions done by NC to battle it ?

    was taking out zRanger & l2tower just something done to shuffle the whole script abuse under the carpet and it is cost to much to keep the big data analytics running on the back end to auto ban 3rd party soft users ?

    just curious as if nothing get's done and this is the beginning of the 2nd golden age of scripting it could quite well end up being the final nail..


    On 2/7/2018 at 11:39 PM, buffgirl said:

    Can you guys actually look into pvp radar and adrenaline usage on players?




    On 2/8/2018 at 5:11 AM, Ferine said:

    +1 for wanting an official stance on all the players using Adrenaline and other 3rd party programs for PvP and Dragons etc. Have you changed your stance on it being against the rules? It seems perfectly fine for people to do it right now. There's already PvE bot trains popping up around the map in places like AF etc.


    If scripting isn't getting looked into then people might as well stop being competitive or PvPing. If people stop bothering competing then there's not much point buying your overpriced NCStore junk, I guess at least the bot program makers make some money out of it though. 




    On 2/8/2018 at 8:01 AM, Ferine said:

    Fixing PvP software won't fix the gear issue, although it will help a bit, mostly help for clan activities such as dragon raid entry etc. You can't underestimate the effect of all of the pay 2 win garbage in the game now. Sadly even I admit that removing the pay 2 win gear would have much more of an effect on the game than fixing pvp automation at the moment.


    On 2/10/2018 at 8:20 PM, Whatif said:

    Confirmed , Adrenaline is functioning and pvp is automated at the moment. CoC , olympiad , Sieges mainly.  Conquero  , you should address this problem asap.


    13 hours ago, BurnCycle said:


    @Neutron @Conguero

    Looking on today's Dimentional siege, we going back to the script wars again? They are not even afraid to hide now!

    PS: Funny how people die by priority now in the siegefield! lol


    5 hours ago, N4zgul said:

    a lot of ppl from naia can confirm some dh members using scripts for interrupt skills and re-targeting in milliseconds in pvp. all time, not only a mystake/or a bug. they want to win, no matter the price, even they already have endgame gear. yes, can be the final nail in the coffin. Neutron, Conguero, what u have to answer about this? u keep this game only for top donnors and the rest can be meatshield? 


    49 minutes ago, Draecke said:

    how much you think NCWest cares ? they really should but their track record on this is pretty bad


    Bad players be bad players....

    Thanks for easiest dim siege of our lives....

    Nova needs to just hang it up before it gets anymore embarassing..

  11. 11 hours ago, Fooz said:

    or I only fraps'd 10-15 mins of the siege from my PoV? xD9_9 loool 

    -- don't worry tho, freed up some space for your endless tears of the future. ^_^

    MS will say or do anything in light of epicly being a disappointment. Since day 1 zaken merge, trying to zerg recruit from all servers (zuroil tried recruiting even me and netflix members - like anyone would ever want to help TruffleQQ) and look where we are again xD. You barely have any of those "halfway decent" mcbolas players left. Can't blame them for quitting tbh, truffle is a massive headache to deal with on a daily basis for anyone.. probably why everyone has him blocked:( adding in diego / jager / Aizen / ExcuseSpawn to the situation would bc self destructive x]. Btw again so we clarify... MS with OVER 2x the numbers of nova, with half of nova not even in castle sometimes in siege. Still EPICLY failing at siege lol. CANT EVEN GO +100 with that zerg LOL. Why do you continue to try is the question.. It doesn't demoralize you to think back how much EFFORT you've put into still literally coming away with such terrible large scale pvps.. Increasing to 2 dragon weps now both stage 2, still need to recruit and its still not seeming to fix your problMS xD. NEVER positive war ONCE after 6 months half of which bizarrely outnumbering nova in sieges.. just accept your clam "as a whole" (70-80% total memberbase)  is very low caliber players lol. Best siege turnout for you in 5-6 month period of time was when you "Stopped trying for aden" lool as it continues to be the case x]. Lets not even begin to talk about probably 6o to 70 of those players in MS siege cc, detaggin to pve clams 99% of each month. Who would want to be part of such a pathetic force lmao. I would be ashamed tbh x]. Shall we discuss the lasting effects and drama that we've all heard from sieges in MS with no SM warrior too? when your clan + main pt(s) can't even stay fighting us on aden field for more than 1min b4 clam escape ? WITH Equal or better numbers everytime. :D 


    I left Netflix after you scammed it and wouldnt give it back to the right leader.. you didnt kick me from anything pleb lol

    If you so good at pvp why you not leave town!?

    These posts are so full of anger.. can you even breath.. nice job clicking to lindi :D