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  1. x12 high grade scrolls, @Spoiler mind telling us what're those?
  2. Hi @Hime is it that hard to make vip 4 to have P2P rates? adena drop spoil xp?
  3. lol the quest says 40-46 so its correct
  4. russian... you could even see some cyrillic words at some texts
  5. as title says wtb cursed mainguche clean or OED pm in here
  6. Hi @Hime i wonder why you guys cant make VIP 4 to be same as p2p rates(adena,spoils,drop) since Vip 4 to maintain it, it costs 15usd so ppl with vip 4 will be playing a normal server and also will make you guys get tons of money since everyone will go for vip 4 thats my humble opinion.
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