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  1. Nop ,its not rocket science but many ppl dont know about it,but ok everyone is hacking and exploiting,or you are just butthurt
  2. i got no reading comprehension issues, i just give you other possibilities except from exploiting, because its getting a trend that if some1 gets something better than you,he is either cheating or RMTing. You people should actually start to think if certain ppl just have more information than you,so they get more efficient in getting better items than you,but no,they are buying adena from bots,the easy answer
  3. the box gives a random page, so you can get weapon part from enchanting armor too.Considering you can create many accounts and 7 chars on each, you buy cheap scrolls and D grade stuff till you get what you want.I don't think these people having +10 weps are broke
  4. or be extremly lucky, it seems rng gods favor some ppl more than others
  5. there are ways to make this game worthwhile, its just people out there saying "its not hardcore, you noobs wonna make this easy"etc etc share nothing
  6. yeah but they are lvl1 ,no xp or anything, you just buy scrolls and enchant them on different characters,accounts
  7. you don't do that on a weapon, you buy cheap stuff and enchant them on different characters to get the weekly box with the pages,then if you are lucky you get a 1-3+ scrolls or scroll which prevents breaking to +7.Its time consuming but dedicated people can do it easily
  8. you can actually create many chars, buy an ead for 20k and get the pages from the weekly reward for safe enchants, 1-3 enchants etc, food for thought
  9. First of all we must clear out what p2w means.Imagine me and you.We both are playing same class,same hours,same days etc.Now i use the cash shop (in this case the l2 store) and you don't.I buy soulshots,xp boost,buff scrolls and you buy nothing.I have vip4 with all its bonuses and you have vip0 so 0 bonuses.Now what do we have here?Me using 2nd grade buffs and soulshot which for you will cost x amount of adena ,on which x remains on my inventory because i don't buy or craft ss. Now think that for me at least with my archer i spend roughly 2,5k ssD in two hours grind which is 22.500 adena.I tha
  10. I think people fail to see that they get vip lvl increase after they buy stuff in the l2 store,not beforehand,so vip lvl is just a bonus to your purchases,not a subscription like prestige pack on live servers.And why some1 playing an advertised Trully Free game without paying should be considered incompetend?Its free anyway,if you don't like it ,go play the other versions.
  11. and why should a vip 3-4 have higher chances?Why every1 thinks that vip must have advantages in every aspect possible?
  12. there wouldn't be a problems if gludio instead of -4 was +1,because most ppl playing on giran play because the timezone.
  13. As title says,wtt adena in TI for adena in giran, pm me in forum.
  14. Considering that you can cast it without a target,its selfbuff only because every other buff like ww/acumen etc you need to have a target.
  15. i don't think 3 hour non stop killing is carebear rly, without considering that you won't be interrupted by other players trying to kill you whom you will actually need to kill and just gimp yourself even more. Im against pking anyway and i don't know how it will be on higher lvls,but i think as this feature is available early on, it should be even on all lvls independent of the amount of total xp you get.It would be better imo if it was on percentage of xp need for someones current lvl.
  16. you should actually realise that "hardcore" doesn't mean that everything must be bleeped up.Remove buffs too so it can be too hard, running with speed potions is not hardcore,remove them too. This candy "hardcore" is annoying from one point on.Yeah the game should be hard,but not punishing in every aspect. Edit: just realised that f u ck is transformed into bleep
  17. so for you its right to disconnect non-paying people if the server is full to let paying people to log in?I wonna see what will the reputation of a company be if this information goes out when the game is advertised as FREE TO PLAY. Considering that when you read about what vip bonuses are and it comes nowhere near that you get a queue advantage,you can just go and crawl to your corner, and thats coming from some1 who pays for vip and not for one account. What about not banning people that cheat if they are vip?Shouldn't we do that too according to your logic?
  18. why do you compare an illegal action like stealing, with a legal action like boxing.Noone said that boxes should be allowed because if some1 doesn't use it ,he/she will be left behind.Especially in this game,where buffs play a vital role to how efficiently you farm,boxes are an on top need over anything else.Because on higher lvls,if you don't have buffs,you can't farm in any reasonable way. Your way of thinking reminds me the reason live has such low drops rate (and Aion followed this policy).Reduce all the world drops so bots can't farm efficiently.What about the real players?If bots th
  19. you don't need boxes to use third party programs.Ppl that use them on a daily basis usually are RMT dealers with more than one PC,so this wouldn't stop them.Limiting boxing just limits normal players from advancing further.And as said before, every mmo out there allows boxes, all of them have bots,and there are many ways to bypass the limit per pc anyway.Bots will always find the way.Box limit only limits real players.
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