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  1. Old NA servers

    Oh hai Bartz - TrielBaenre Bartz - SchwiggitySchwa
  2. Nostalgia Dump

    Ok last dump.
  3. Nostalgia Dump

    I would have been much more excited for the Dama drop if I had not just spent an entire week crafting one. I kept it though, like a spiteful trophy.
  4. Nostalgia Dump

    I remember some of those names!
  5. Nostalgia Dump

    Fraps was the old video cap software of choice back in the day! It was really resource intensive if I remember correctly. My sad little computer in 2003 would practically catch fire when I ran it. Yeeeeeeee
  6. Does anyone else have a decade + year old folder full of old L2 screenshots? I found mine when I heard about Classic launching.
  7. GeneralRant/ LFClan

    Have you logged back in to check it out? Feels like more drops.
  8. Hello, I'm looking for a clan about your pace I think. I'm fairly active given that I have a day job. Currently aiming for SK tank. I can't get on disc at work but message me if you need more information from me?
  9. Old Bartz?

    That's cool some of us came back to check it out. Still digging for a clan of people. Haven't settled yet.
  10. west coast playaz

    There are people from all over on this server, including from the US despite the server's stated time zone.
  11. Old Bartz?

    My friends and I once played on the Bartz server around 2003-2006. Anyone else out there from the old days? One of my favorite things about old L2 was that we met people from everywhere in the world.