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  1. Summon feline queen (cat buff) race pick

    on 76 o 77 you are gona get the Queen with: Blessing of Queen : increses party members critical rate / damage Gif of Queen : increse party members P attak and accuracy Cure of Queen : Has a chanse to remove curses that decrese Accuracy, P atak, and Atk speed. for all the party members
  2. Summoner Gear?

    if you need momey go melee (with no shots) but i recomend go nuker until 52
  3. Summoner skills level after 40?

    ya, you are like a nuker with a self recharger and goot to join AoE/melee/mage partys with spirit sharing u get the extra power you need to reach lvl 54 with normal mage weapon and may be demon set, may be with an overenchanted C mage wep you can go far
  4. Summoner skills level after 40?

    but the nuck lose power very high (special on elfs)
  5. Human wizard (warlock)

    summon can do the job with out buff with buffs (uder lvl 40 i recomend zerk) remember the summons are low on atack speed and critical rate but high on P Atak and M/P Def. focus on shape the p atack and atack speed and worry less on the critical power/ rate but i warn you summoner path is expansive....
  6. Paladin or DA?

    the top tank to beat in game is and always be the paladin
  7. Best duo + scavenger?

    any recharger or if u go again big mobs and u are selective in the mob u spend the skill a PP is good to (but if u can run PP /SE is much beter)
  8. Spoil Levels

    is true, the power of u skill = more easy u can spoil mobs on the skill lvl range if u got the spoil lvl 1 (learned at lvl 5) again mobs lvl 20 the rate is going to be very low but if u spoil mobs lvl 4 when u are lvl 7 spoil is in the line of the high chanse to land but is all a topic .....