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  1. Correct. Math was done on launch in Fall. "Classic" in even the buffed areas is running at roughly .5x adena/.3x drops/.25x spoil compared to C1/C2 original rates. People remembering being poor and unable to afford SS forget they hunted without buffs with broken class comps against red mobs. Yea of course it didn't go well; none of us knew any better. Most areas post 40 should be giving 700-1.5k adena per mob. But even the buffed up 55-65 areas barely give 600-1k. The C3/C4 areas will likely be worse.
  2. This. It will become blatant over time. Actual ingame drops even off epic bosses will be very low odds. Buying loot boxes and events items will be the only real way to progress.
  3. Well. Problem is there aren't a whole lot of great options 40-55 solo/small party. First decent area that got buffed was Fields of Massacre(lvl55). Options are limited and pretty mediocre: Easy - Plains of Lizardmen. Death Pass Harder but better xp/money - Sea of Spores, Forest of Evil, Forest of Mirrors Group/multiHP mobs areas - Alligator Isle, Cruma 2, Enchanted Valley. Where you can go depends on your gear/buffs.
  4. That was a problem on retail. They gave away so many enchants, crystals, and crafting packs in loot boxes as secondary rewards that all the whales flooded the market and even sold whole items to vendor because prices were rock bottom. Which sounds nice until you realize adena rate is garbage, and any drop you get isn't worth anything.
  5. Ok. For all who are tempted to spend money realize that rule of thumb for all events are: $250 & less - rare/impossible to obtain max reward. $250-$500 - Possible, but unlikely to obtain max reward. $500-$750 - Likely, but not unheard of to not get max reward. $750-$1000 - Very likely but not impossible to not get max reward. This is how majority of GoD P2W events went which Pendants seem to be structured just like. Unless you plan to spend big bucks don't bother. And remember. New events/P2W items every 2-4 weeks.
  6. This. In 6 months all will be a one shot unless you have every event item to near max tier. Such it is in retail, such as it will be here. If you stay you deserve what you get.
  7. This is nothing. Wait till L2store cloaks, talismans, brooches, shirts, masks, hats, and OP consumables. They're coming. Those who spend LARGE amounts of money will be able to farm/pvp/compete. Those who do not spend 2-5k dollars will not.
  8. Truffle is a cool dude IRL. But when the new Orfen came out and we took 100~ people and couldn't kill her and he farmed her on cooldown by himself. Was a wee bit salty.
  9. Many L2store items aren't tradeable. Some aren't tradeable until the highest tier version. Brooches are example of this. They'll nerf adena/drops to combat "bots" when really it's to make progression only possible through NCcoin. Eventually you will end up with this:
  10. As someone who actually managed credit disputes you have a very rosey picture of claims.
  11. This. The constant 15% crit. Skill power. Dmg shield. Clarity. Dmg reduction. Etc. On so much gear ONLY in L2store. Much of it not even tradeable. The people who can afford $1000 per event will become literal raid bosses. Killing hundreds while being near immortal. It happened on retail, and with Pendants it now begins here. Why play when literally within 6months you will only be cannon fodder no matter how much you grind/craft/fight?
  12. Don't forget shirts and cloaks. Then bracelets and talismans. Agathions and skill enchanting. Maybe even Dragon items if they get real greedy. It will never be enough.
  13. Nope. He's not even linking the good stuff. Perma 40%+ exp. 100% shield block/Def. Flat AND percentage crit dmg AND percentage M/P atk.
  14. It's just like the GoD retail events. Spend $250 maybe you'll get lucky. Spend $500 maybe you'll get it. Spend $1000 to be sure. ALL EVENTS/L2Store ITEMS WILL BE LIKE THIS. EXTREME CASINO MODE ONLY.
  15. NCKorea is restructuring NCwest. They're all scared for their jobs. This is a cash grab for obvious reason. I don't even think this service will exist past 2020.
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