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  1. I can get into the server list, when i click the server i play (talking island) or any classic server it says "client will close now" I can log into chronos just fine, anyone else having this issue?
  2. Sk, PR or AW?

    DUO WITH PP- SK OR PR for sure party pvp- anyone of them 1vs1- aw loses under lvl 51 but wins above lvl 51 least played -prly sk
  3. Boycott the L2store PLEASE.

    I know classic is doing well and you want to take our money, but wait,relax and realize the only reason we all left in the first place is because of things like PK scrolls in the store and pay 2 win items, WHY CANT YOU SEE STUFF LIKE THIS WILL DRIVE US AWAY AGAIN ITS THAT SIMPLE, DO NOT ADD pk scrolls into the l2store its a bad IDEA the l2store is already borderline unacceptable.there is a reason the sin eater quest is a pain in the ass. be more creative with l2store items with the classic servers please.
  4. Would be really cool if we could get custom login back grounds like c1-c2 I always loved the music for them, listening to them brings back the nostalgia , How about you guys?
  5. Does anyone know how Physical skill land rate IE Deadly blow mortal blow ect ect are calculated, I know during the old game it was based off crit chance, then just a % chance to land but its been through so many itterations Im not sure how its done in this version.
  6. L2 Store ruined the game.

    50% exp? why cant i pay for 200% exp I dont understand... hell keep going why not 1000% exp? shit why cant i even buy mats to make gear with special coins basically allowing me to buy gear in a round about way, You people keep justifying the blatant advantage these items/services give a player and keep pointing out the "unwillingness of F2P gamers to pay their fair share" when all along supporting the company isnt the problem its supporting the practice of giving advantages to players that pay vs players that dont and once again its not because people like me are "cheap whiny little bitches" its because of the practice its self. I've supported l2 in the past, and support other games to this day but pay to "ADVANCE FASTER" is a lazy business model, they know you will buy it because you dont want to be at a disadvantage or you want faster gratification, and in turn particularly with lineage2 where characters see massive power spikes with particular levels the game is pay to win, NONE of this would be a problem if it wasn't a "classic" server, I dont recall exp boosts in a real money store in c1-c2 but hey maybe im crazy, and for everyone that say "ITS A BUSINESS THEY HAVE TO MAKE MONEY" get the bleep out of here with that garbage, MANY free to play games make LITERALLY BILLIONS OF DOLLARS without compromising ingame integrity, the reality is l2 is dying, this is a easy money grab because of a lazy company that cant generate a reliable business model and it will only go in one direction untill they have squeezed as much money out of the game as they can. So good luck with "classic" lineage 2.
  7. L2 Store ruined the game.

    What? youre missing the point, the issue isnt spending the money to support the game, its what the money gives you, its an outright advantage and is bad for the game as a whole, it makes it less competitive and intern less fun over all, I have no problem spending money to support the game, which i have done in the past and do for other games, its the advantage it gives you as a player thats not right, its a bad practice, seems like a money grab that totally mutilated the point of a classic server, dont be so obtuse shitlord its nothing to do with "freeloading" id love to give the company money for a better product, but i refuse to give money to perpetuate a pay to win environment, it will only keep going in that direction until it finally fizzles out and dies. Like the game did before due to poor design decisions which forced them to a free to play model and then to a pay to win model.
  8. L2 Store ruined the game.

    I agree, I played for two hours and realized what the store offers and uninstalled the game, No one that played original L2 and comes back for the "CLASSIC" experience will want to play the current iteration of the classic environment, They clearly made this classic server for the existing player base and have no regard for returning players that genuinely wanted a classic true to heart original experience. paying for exp = pay to win.