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  1. Lag and frequent DCing

    Can you submit a support ticket, so we can further investigate?
  2. The soulshot issue has been reported multiple times to the Dev team and they have been unable to reproduce it even with video evidence. I will request to have our team investigate again to see if it is due to the server logs. Here you go: https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/12018-abundance-talismans-overview/
  3. Does it only happen on the hour and stop after 1-2 minutes?
  4. Level 85. Still going through some of our last checks, but we estimate 9:30 AM PDT at the latest.
  5. The next update will include both the Fafurion update and the Prelude to War update, which is why we are a little late to the party. We are still in discussion with the Dev team on a few of the new game system changes. We will share an update on the release date when everything is ready. As for changes to the PK system, we discussed different options to address the issue we started seeing with the macro system last year. I will request for another update from Dev since other regions are now implementing drastic changes to the system.
  6. The agathion charms were originally planned to launch earlier in the year, but the Dev team requested to introduce them at a later time. I do not have a new ETA for these items right now. We took out the 7-day drop rune and put 30-day versions in the Exploration Packs.
  7. They may come back as a reward in a future event. Permanent.
  8. Augmentation bug

    We have a fix for this issue next week. The wrong augment is being displayed. According to Dev's previous comments, it should be STR+1. Can you check your stats before and after to see if your STR stat changes?
  9. Ninja rates for runes

    Sealed Rune drops are 80% for all level 60+ raid bosses and epic raid bosses. If the majority of damage on the raid comes from player(s) who are 3 levels or higher, then the drop penalty will come into effect. At 3 Levels higher, the drop now becomes 65% and it will continue to decrease by 15% for every level after.
  10. The quest requirements got reverted back again. I will add it to the known issues list and send it off to the Dev team today. Thank you!
  11. event problem on withdrawn of warehouse

    The character was created the same day as the update and was not level 20 at the time of the Savior Hero's Pack items being inserted.
  12. Patch note error? Balthus Knight

    It was an error in the patch notes. It will be corrected shortly. The scroll is the 100 million XP ticket that you mentioned.
  13. 61+ players

    This is a known issue right now. Working to get the Known Issues list out shortly.
  14. 1. We are working on getting the store update details published right now. Ran into some technical issues this morning. 2a. The enchantment rewards were only for the time limited versions of the shirt events and no longer apply for enchanting shirts since they have been added to the store permanently. 2b. The Blessed Shirt Enchant Scrolls can be purchased from the L2 Store and the normal scrolls can be purchased with Adena from the Paddy NPC in Fantasy Island. The dev team agreed to our request to add the shirts as permanent items for this store update, so we will see about adding other promotions from the past like Abundance Talismans and Cloaks.
  15. Bring Back XP Boost

  16. Hello All, The Dev team was able to confirm that the Damaged Spellbooks will drop in the Fafurion update for the overseas version. I am still waiting on the translation of the design documents for the update, but I did find some information in the document regarding the exchange rate on the Korean servers. In Korea, you need 55 of the Damaged Spellbooks to exchange for a 20% chance to receive a Chapter 1 Forgotten Spellbook or an 80% chance to receive a small amount back of the Damaged Spellbooks that were used for the exchange. The drop of the Damaged Spellbooks for level 99+ monsters is around 45% in the Korean drop table. We'll have more details to share once we receive our build, translated patch notes, and design documents.
  17. We cannot answer this question at this time since we do not have the Fafurion update from the Dev team, but I will ask if they plan to include the Damaged Spellbooks in the content update.
  18. We are investigating the issue now for the Forgotten Skills missing. We will update the thread if an emergency maintenance will be needed to resolve this issue.
  19. There is no fail rate on upgrading the Forgotten Spellbook skills.
  20. Bring Back XP Boost

    We will have a major XP/SP and Drop Boost event starting next week for the Live servers only! More details to come next week.
  21. Hello All, We are investigating several issues with the XIGNCOD3 update after the maintenance yesterday. Apologies for the inconvenience!
  22. I was banned?

    Temporary sever outage.