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  1. Moon armor set

    You can only obtain Moon armor now through the new Level 15 quests or from the Newbie Pack. There is no other way to obtain the armor.
  2. Yes, no item drop or destruction.
  3. In discussion with Dev team now. It is intended in other regions to teleport while in combat, but we asking to remove it or add more restrictions. We are trying to prioritize fixes for all of the issues that are being reported before we roll out with another event or store update. The SA extraction option was missing from our localization files that were never sent over. We received the files today and need to wait a few days to get a fix back with the changes. It will most likely be another week
  4. Auto Use Supplies function

    Pack items cannot be included for auto-use, but we already have requested for the Vitality items (Maintaining, Recovery, and Erupting) to be added. A few items tomorrow like the XP Buff, Special Fantasy Cookie, and the Freya's Scroll of Storm will be added.
  5. LV 1-85 Doubt.

    Not an event.
  6. Question - XP SP Rune Stacking

    Sorry, I am losing my mind lately. They stack.
  7. It was the Magic Leaping Potion and it was added back on 4/17 to the mission system. You can only claim it on your other characters if you did not receive the reward yet for levels 24 and 44.
  8. Ertheia dualclass quest/change

    The Dev team informed me that it is intended to not provide any SP when an Ertheia dual class is created and this functions the same way for all regions.
  9. Error trying to log into game

    Try logging in again.

    It's a known issue already. https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/12911-known-issues-fafurion-5172019/
  11. Lost loot on non mele toons

    Short-distance targeting works better for picking up loot since long distance targeting will have you moving all over the place to attack monsters when they spawn. If the spawn rate is very fast, then you will be always fighting and too far away to pick up the items.
  12. Question - XP SP Rune Stacking

    The XP/SP Runes never stacked with each other even before the Secret of the Empire patch. We changed the description in the May store update to reflect that they are not stackable because we saw a lot of confusion about the runes. The devs designed the skills on these items to not stack as they all share the same passive. If you were to buy both Runes, the higher 100% Rune would overwrite the 50%. Welp, looks like I was wrong and they do stack.

    Sorry, you are correct. It is 85, not 86.

    After reaching level 85, you will receive a Graduation Gift containing 50,000 Soulshot (R-grade), 25,000 Blessed Spiritshot (R-grade), 5 BREZ, 5 BSOE, and 10 Art of Seduction buffs. The Diplomas and Mentee Certificates are no longer distributed.
  15. I am in talks with the Dev team now to get these items removed as they were only intended for the Korean version. The dev has excluded these Blessed Soulshot items from all overseas versions in the past. Somehow they forgot to remove them from our drop table for the update.
  16. I mentioned in the Patch Notes that you can only upgrade Blessed +6 Eternal Armor to +5 Normal Leviathan Armor. The only way to get a Bloody/Dark Eternal Set to R110 is by downgrading through the Bloody/Dark Stone extraction process. It will downgrade the armor back to Blessed Eternal.
  17. Weapon Upgrade Query in New Patch

    You don't lose the augment. Might lose an appearance skin though.
  18. Useless Skill

    Other regions still have the item drop penalty, so we cannot change the Clan Luck skill functionality unless Dev changes it for everyone.
  19. I need to check with the Dev team on these Blessed Soulshots because they mentioned it was not for overseas regions the last time we discussed about them.
  20. GM BUFFS

    No, the GM buffs were only for last week due to the update.
  21. The free Newbie Pack in the store gives a 30-day C-grade weapon with permanent D-grade Armor sets.
  22. The amount of XP you can earn was increased in Catacombs/Necropolis, but the Adena and drops were reduced. The Attribute (Elemental) Zones are intended to not drop any Adena or items. All of this is in the patch notes.
  23. XIGNCODE3?

    XIGNCOD3 has been removed. We are checking with Dev on the 3 client per PC restriction.
  24. Dye system dye powder

    Only the three level 1 Dye passives exist.
  25. I will check the documentation and see if they made any changes since we are technically on the Prelude to War update. Several things were changed after Fafurion.