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  1. 7 client per PC restriction was added with this maintenance.
  2. [BUG] Kamael - Expert Casting

    It is a localization issue. The benefit is only active if you wear a robe, not light armor.
  3. Known Issue: Server Latency

    Ranking system issue is also being investigated as a potential cause.
  4. The Exalted quest fix is for Wednesday.
  5. The server usage is higher than normal, so we are making performance improvements on the game server and will reduce several outdated processes. Aden Reconstruction NPCs will also be added back.
  6. Server Down

    The NPCs will be back for the 8/14 maintenance.
  7. Server Down

    We are working on bringing Naia up now.
  8. Server Down

    We are aware of the server crashes and they should be restarted already.
  9. Server Down

    We had several servers crash this morning. The Dev team is investigating the source of these crashes and latency issues now with no current ETA.
  10. Game is unplayable now!

    We are looking into the latency issues.
  11. Exalted Quest For Glory Bugged

    It should be resolved next week.
  12. Game Crashes Pop Up Error Message

    This issue has now been fixed with a client update. Please make sure to update your client through the NCLauncher.
  13. Hero shout solution

    Dev has placed greater focus on the benefits of obtaining Hero status or Ranked to encourage healthy competition. The bows for Ranked and the removal of the chat disable option for Hero Chat are part of these new changes to improve the importance of these two systems.
  14. Hero Weapon Exchange Ticket

    The level restriction does not apply for our version on the weapon. It is a localization issue that we have since another region uses the same coupon with the level 54 restriction.
  15. Client crash trigger

    We are getting a hotfix to resolve this critical error issue tomorrow.
  16. Exalted Quest For Glory Bugged

    Not yet.
  17. Yes, the 50% and 100% Runes on Classic stack.
  18. SS bag

    Update your client. We just released a hotfix to resolve the shot issues.
  19. Client crash trigger

    Can only hope, but we will still investigate. Any location details when the crash occurred would be helpful to diagnose. We have a critical crash issue for CoC winners when they leave the Arena.

    Try updating client again. We released a hotfix.
  21. This issue is now resolved. Please update your client today as a new hotfix was released to address the issue.