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  1. Hello All, First, we’d like to thank you for your continued feedback; the feedback is important for us to influence the necessary changes to our game. We have made progress with the quality of life points many of you have mentioned in your feedback and you will see them reflected on April 22 with the Lineage II: Dawn of Heroes update. A Starter Pack for Lv.1 ~ Lv. 39 has been added to the L2 Store Can purchase once per account. Cannot be used by players above level 39. PK System Changes Harsher penalties for players with negative karma and kill multiple players in a row New debuff added that restricts escape and teleportation for players with -5760 Karma and higher PK Character Tracking System on Mini-map In regard to raid boss difficulty and increasing adena drop and the item drop/spoils rate, we will be running special events for two weeks. As you play through these events, we’d like to hear your feedback regarding your game experience during the event period. World Boss Difficulty & Drop Boost Event (4/22 ~ 5/6) The HP will be reduced by 50% on the Antharas, Baium, and Frintezza epic raids. A rare accessory box has been temporarily added as a drop item for level 80+ raid bosses including Zaken XP & Drop Boost Event for Lv. 75+ (4/22 ~ 5/6) +50% XP boosts for lv. 75 and higher +150% quantity of Adena acquired for lv. 75 and higher +100% earn rate of items/spoils for lv. 75 and higher We understand these changes and events do not address all the concerns with the game, but we want you to know we are taking the steps needed. There are other game improvements we are working on with the dev team such as re-evaluating the scaling of hunting zones, properties of materials that drop, and world boss adjustments. We aim to share with you these additional game improvements at a later time.
  2. The Gem Energy was added as a reward item with the Night Market Treasure Chest. Gem Energy can be used to compound Normal Jewels or Greater Jewels. The failure results for compounding with a Gem Energy is different from the normal compounding method with two Jewels of the same level/type. If you compound a Jewel with a Gem Energy and it fails, then the Gem Energy is consumed and the Jewel is downgraded to Lv. 1 for that type (Normal/Greater). A Greater Jewel Lv. 1 cannot be downgraded to a Normal Jewel Lv. 5 if you fail to compound to Greater Jewel Lv. 2. Failing to compound a Greater Jewel Lv. 1~4 will downgrade the jewel to Greater Jewel Lv. 1 Failing to compound a Normal Jewel Lv. 1~4 will downgrade the jewel to Normal Jewel Lv. 1.
  3. We are investigating the issue. It seems other regions had a similar problem and had to swap out the items.
  4. If you are experiencing trouble trying to login to NCLauncher, then please submit a support ticket to Tech Support ASAP!
  5. We are investigating the issue with the PK Count not being reset and the NCLauncher issue. If you are experiencing trouble trying to login to NCLauncher, then please submit a support ticket to Tech Support ASAP!
  6. Servers are now up! Apologies for the delay!
  7. Servers are now up! Apologies for the delay!
  8. We encountered a technical issue during our checks this morning and the maintenance will need to be delayed by 2 hours! We will try to get the servers back up as soon as we can. Apologies for the inconvenience!
  9. We encountered a technical issue during our checks this morning and the maintenance will need to be delayed by 2 hours! We will try to get the servers back up as soon as we can. Apologies for the inconvenience!
  10. By bringing back, I did not mean directly as it will be up to the Dev team to decide in the future how it is distributed.
  11. Not related to Vitality and no plans to add the pack any time soon. By default, the game is set to 100% Party XP Bonus as the base rate. The server setting will add an additional 50% to the amount you earn in a Party.
  12. It is separate from XP base. Party base XP is the amount fo XP you earn in a party. We had this setting previously enabled back in March.
  13. It will be considered in a future event or when we bring back Dragon Shirts to the store.
  14. We have added the screenshot contest winner weapons to the character warehouse. If you did not receive it yet, then it means we tried to insert it and could not because the character was online at the time. The support team will try again. PM me your character name if you did not receive it.
  15. Yes, there is an issue with the Superior Giant's Codex price being higher than the Mastery Price.
  16. It is 50% Party Hunting Bonus. The 150% was including the base amount, which is 100%. We have corrected it on the website.
  17. The PK System will be restructured and the PK count will be reset to zero for all players during the 6/3 maintenance. Karma will NOT be reset. PK Penalty Debuffs New debuffs have been added as penalties for players with a PK count of 4 and higher. PK Count Debuff Name Duration Effect 4 Einhasad's Observation Lv. 1 30 Minutes P. Def./M. Def. -5%, Speed -5. 6 Einhasad's Observation Lv. 2 1 Hour P. Def./M. Def. -10%, Speed -10. 8 Einhasad's Observation Lv. 3 2 Hours P. Def./M. Def. -15%, Speed -30. 10+ Einhasad's Observation Lv. 4 3 Hours P. Def./M. Def. -30%, Speed -35. 10+ Einhasad's Shackles 3 Hours Applies to players with 10 PKs or higher and Negative Karma. Location will be exposed on the world map and you cannot use escape skills/items or perform normal teleport functions. The debuff is applied for the entire duration as soon as your character reaches the PK count threshold and it will not be removed even if the PK count is lowered. PK Scroll Changes The Scroll: PK that is used to remove PK count from your character will be limited to one use per day regardless of the type used. There is a shared 24-hour global cooldown for all PK Scrolls. The maximum number of PKs that can be removed per day is 13. Using a Top-grade PK Scroll removes 10 PK and completing the Brothers Bound in Chains quest can remove up to 3 PKs at random. PK Location Tracking The locations of characters with the Einhasad’s Shackles debuff (10 PKs and Negative Karma) will be displayed on the World Map. Washing away the Negative Karma will not remove you from the World Map as you need to wait until the Einhasad’s Shackles debuff has ended. The number of the PKers whose locations are shown on the map is limited up to 30 players. PKers will not be shown on the world map if they've just logged in or are playing in instanced zones or world instanced zones. If you are the target character, then your icon will not be displayed on the world map. Additional Notes: The Einhasad’s Shackles debuff does not apply if you are in possession of a Cursed Sword. If you obtain a Cursed Sword while under a PK penalty debuff, then the debuff will be removed. The removal of the PK item drop penalty is still in place and has not changed.
  18. WTF is new lvl 86 in TI

    We were investigating an issue where transformations that were obtained from the event and swapped out during the 5/27 maintenance were missing despite being present on the character. It was not reproducible from our end when we tested it, so we cloned the character to further verify the issue. The cloned character showed up in the rankings because it was not masked properly before we used it. Once we saw it was affecting the rankings, we removed the clone.
  19. WTF is new lvl 86 in TI

    A character for testing an issue accidentally made it onto the rankings, but it will no longer appear.
  20. Rune timers count down even when you are offline.
  21. We are already aware of the issue and have sent it in as a bug to the Dev team. The list of deleted items was updated last week on the website, which we mentioned in our previous maintenance notice. The Cakes were always intended to be deleted on 5/27. The deletion date on the Agathion was extended to 6/24. The 16th Anniversary Aden Treasure Chest did not get deleted properly today and will be deleted along with any remaining coins from the box next week on 6/3.
  22. We will bold it up next time in the maintenance, so it will no longer be a surprise when the event ends. In-game login announcement will be changed to reflect this as well. Another issue where items from another region made it into the event will be fixed during the maintenance. The fix will replace any Runes from other regions on weapons or in the inventory with the proper version. It will also replace the Transformation Sealbooks obtained during the event with the correct version in your inventory and if you already used them for the Transformation system. Apologies for the inconvenience on these item changes.
  23. The end time was listed on the event details page from the start of the event last month. We will update our maintenance notification posts next time to include the event end time. No event for this week, but we have one planned for next week on 6/3.
  24. We are targeting next week once everything has been verified.