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  1. Dimensional Raid

    As of today, we officially know that you have messed up dimensional raid. The server opening hour has been brought back 2 hours and it is up as we speak. However you did not consider to change the NPC spawn time, resulting in another of the many awkward situations of people waiting for nothing... My guess is the NPCs will spawn 2 hours later, when the server will have closed of course. Waiting for your reply. Cheers!
  2. Stones (Holy/Earth...)

    You can still get attribute stones from Kartia (open boxes after you do the quest). People also them in ah or private shops.
  3. Dual Class Skill question

    You "forget" normal class skills if you delevel 4 levels or more. I don't think anyone can answer you right now, all you can do is try it, but I think you should also lose the dual class skills if you delevel more than 3 levels as you say. Even if you lose it though you can just level up again to learn it i guess?
  4. pickup items fast

    If you hold down the macro button, doesn't it reset every time it will get pushed though? Like every macro if you click it again? So it should be the same to just spam /pickup action, or not?
  5. What are you listening to right now?

  6. I can't seem to find it but there is also another topic regarding this quest. The concept most people use is enchant to +5 with normal scrolls, which in my opinion is relatively easy, and then use a giant scroll to get to +7. Keep in my mind I did this on the first try, got a +5 with normal scrolls, used a giant, got only to +6 (yeah that happens) and used another normal scroll to get to +7, with only about 50mil adena spent. The whole point is to understand how to enchant in general, but this is a matter for another topic. Good luck!
  7. Lady Knife Sucks

    I did it first try, yes the system of going up to +5 with 2 normal scrolls and then use GEWR probably works, but my giant scroll got me up to +6(fail), so i just used one more EWR and got +7. Only 50 million adena wasted! Keep in mind you need to know how to enchant though...
  8. Hotfix Maintenance: Monday, August 20, 2018

    The Beast Soulshots never worked in the first place. I personally made a ticket a while back and they told me: "You will just have to deactivate and reactivate the soulshots every time you summon a servitor". Whatever... About today's bugs, I just tried to restart my character and got stuck in the loading screen... now I can't even login as well.
  9. Quest or grind between main quests?

    You can grind or kill any RBs that are alive, this is what I do anyway.
  10. Lineage II - Security Update Applications to test

    Steam, Spotify , VLC Media Player, Mozilla Firefox.
  11. An Uninvited Guest Quest

    Hello, I've been trying to complete the " An Uninvited Guest " quest in Guillotine Fortress where you have to kill a mob called " Scaldisect the Furious " and to summon him you need Proof of Survival, an item you get by hunting in the area. I have so far killed him 3 times after getting the item which has a very low droprate, and the quest doesn't seem to progress, basically nothing happens... I understand there is also a mistake regarding the name of the mob, probably changed during an update, since the quest asks to defeat Scaldisect the Furious but the notification says: "Summon Scaldisect of Hellfire". Thank you for you time!