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  1. evolution stones

    Good, I would like to know if there is the option to make a sale of evolution stones, as it is known many players we are left with old agathions in stage 12 and it is not worth changing it for one of the new ones since it does not compensate the value of them, @Juji or @Hime you could ask dev if it is possible to add this item to the store for some time? stay tuned to reply
  2. New Update Pros vs. Cons

    I agree with all the cons, see how in other regions the update was not as bad as here, but it hurts to see that ncwest only focuses on money and ko on the happiness of its customers since unlike the European region , they had an update accordingly and without lowering the adena, the mp regeneration and eliminating mentor and mammon items.
  3. @Juji @Hime Any solution for mp regeneration? The magicians went back to chronicle one with this and it is no longer a competitive class waiting to reload mp if you don't have a healer recharging mana all the time